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#ifndef GUI_WIDGETS_WX___UI_TOOL__HPP #define GUI_WIDGETS_WX___UI_TOOL__HPP /* $Id: ui_tool.hpp 25706 2012-04-25 00:21:04Z voronov $ * =========================================================================== * * PUBLIC DOMAIN NOTICE * National Center for Biotechnology Information * * This software/database is a "United States Government Work" under the * terms of the United States Copyright Act. It was written as part of * the author's official duties as a United States Government employee and * thus cannot be copyrighted. This software/database is freely available * to the public for use. The National Library of Medicine and the U.S. * Government have not placed any restriction on its use or reproduction. * * Although all reasonable efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy * and reliability of the software and data, the NLM and the U.S. * Government do not and cannot warrant the performance or results that * may be obtained by using this software or data. The NLM and the U.S. * Government disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including * warranties of performance, merchantability or fitness for any particular * purpose. * * Please cite the author in any work or product based on this material. * * =========================================================================== * * Authors: Andrey Yazhuk * * File Description: Defines base interfaces and classes * (i.e. for Alignment Scoring Methods). * */ #include <corelib/ncbistd.hpp> #include <gui/gui_export.h> class wxWindow; BEGIN_NCBI_SCOPE class CDialog; class CMenuItem; class CNcbiRegistry; //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /// IUITool represents an abstract algorithm that is bound to a UI component. /// IUITool has a unique Name that identifies the algorithm and Description that /// can contain provide detailed information. Both Name and Description are /// supposed to be human-readable so that they can be used in UI. /// IUITool serves as a base class for the hierarchy of interfaces representing /// various types of algorithms such as alignment scoring methods, functions /// calculated along the sequence, search methods etc. class NCBI_GUIWIDGETS_WX_EXPORT IUITool { public: virtual ~IUITool() {}; // creates a copy virtual IUITool* Clone() const = 0; /// returns unique name of the method that is used in UI to identify it virtual string GetName() const = 0; /// returns a detailed description of the method that is used in UI virtual string GetDescription() const = 0; }; //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /// ITemplateUITool class NCBI_GUIWIDGETS_WX_EXPORT ITemplateUITool { public: virtual ~ITemplateUITool(); /// loads only descriptive information virtual bool LoadInfo(CNcbiRegistry& reg) = 0; // loads all information virtual bool Load(CNcbiRegistry& reg); /// @name Edit interface /// @{ virtual void SetName(const string& s) = 0; virtual void SetDescription(const string& s) = 0; /// saves only descriptive information virtual bool SaveInfo(CNcbiRegistry& reg) = 0; // saves all information virtual bool Save(CNcbiRegistry& reg); /// @} }; //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /// IUIToolWithGUI - represents a method that can be integrated in GUI. class NCBI_GUIWIDGETS_WX_EXPORT IUIToolWithGUI { public: virtual ~IUIToolWithGUI() {} /// Returns a pointer to the submenu. If the pointer is not NULL, then this /// submenu is integrated into the application's menu. If method is derived /// from CCommandTarget it will recieve command events. virtual const CMenuItem* GetMenu() = 0; /// returns true if the method supports properties dialog virtual bool HasPropertiesPanel() const = 0; /// This a factory method that shall produce a CPropertiesPanel /// representing properties of the method; the panel Apply() must take care /// of appying changes to the method. virtual wxWindow* CreatePropertiesPanel(wxWindow* parent) = 0; }; END_NCBI_SCOPE #endif // GUI_WIDGETS_WX___UI_TOOL__HPP

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