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#ifndef GUI_WIDGETS_SEQ_GRAPHIC___ALIGNMENT_JOB__HPP #define GUI_WIDGETS_SEQ_GRAPHIC___ALIGNMENT_JOB__HPP /* $Id: alignment_job.hpp 38080 2017-03-24 19:34:12Z shkeda $ * =========================================================================== * * PUBLIC DOMAIN NOTICE * National Center for Biotechnology Information * * This software/database is a "United States Government Work" under the * terms of the United States Copyright Act. It was written as part of * the author's official duties as a United States Government employee and * thus cannot be copyrighted. This software/database is freely available * to the public for use. The National Library of Medicine and the U.S. * Government have not placed any restriction on its use or reproduction. * * Although all reasonable efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy * and reliability of the software and data, the NLM and the U.S. * Government do not and cannot warrant the performance or results that * may be obtained by using this software or data. The NLM and the U.S. * Government disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including * warranties of performance, merchantability or fitness for any particular * purpose. * * Please cite the author in any work or product based on this material. * * =========================================================================== * * Authors: Liangshou Wu * * File Description: * */ #include <gui/widgets/seq_graphic/seqgraphic_job.hpp> #include <gui/widgets/seq_graphic/alignment_glyph.hpp> #include <gui/widgets/seq_graphic/feature_sorter.hpp> #include <gui/widgets/seq_graphic/seqgraphic_job_result.hpp> #include <gui/widgets/seq_graphic/alignment_score.hpp> #include <gui/widgets/seq_graphic/alignment_conf.hpp> #include <gui/gui.hpp> BEGIN_NCBI_SCOPE BEGIN_SCOPE(objects) class CAlign_CI; class CSeq_loc_Mapper; END_SCOPE(objects) /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /// CSGAlignmentJob /// class NCBI_GUIWIDGETS_SEQGRAPHIC_EXPORT CSGAlignmentJob : public CSGAnnotJob { public: /// constructor for loading coverage graph. CSGAlignmentJob(const string& desc, objects::CBioseq_Handle handle, const objects::SAnnotSelector& sel, const TSeqRange& range, TModelUnit window, TSignedSeqPos &maxStartTail, TSignedSeqPos &maxEndTail); /// constructor for loading alignments. CSGAlignmentJob(const string& desc, objects::CBioseq_Handle handle, const objects::SAnnotSelector& sel, const TSeqRange& range, TModelUnit window, int align_limit, bool smear_if_overlimit, bool link_pair, TSignedSeqPos &maxStartTail, TSignedSeqPos &maxEndTail); /// constructor for loading features on the aligned sequences. CSGAlignmentJob(const string& desc, objects::CBioseq_Handle handle, const objects::SAnnotSelector& sel, const TSeqRange& range, TModelUnit window, vector< CRef<CAlignGlyph> > aligns, TSignedSeqPos &maxStartTail, TSignedSeqPos &maxEndTail); void SetAnnotName(const string& name); void SetSortBy(const string& sort_by); void SetHideSra(CAlignmentConfig::EHideSraAlignments hideSra) { m_HideSra = hideSra; } void SetUnalignedTailsMode(CAlignmentConfig::EUnalignedTailsMode tailsMode) { m_UnalignedTailsMode = tailsMode; } static void GetAnnotNames(const objects::CBioseq_Handle& handle, const TSeqRange& range, objects::SAnnotSelector& sel, TAnnotNameTitleMap& names); /// when isFastConfig set to true, it indicates that that the call is used by seqconfig /// this means that setting m_HasCoverageGraph and getting the actual type that are taking a long time /// and not needed by seqconfig will be skipped (IAlnExplorer::fNotDefined will be returned) static IAlnExplorer::EAlignType GetAlignType( const objects::CBioseq_Handle& handle, objects::SAnnotSelector& sel, bool& has_quality_map, bool isFastConfig = false); bool FilterDuplicatesAndBadReads(const objects::CSeq_align& mapped_align); /// Request a list of alignments from a bioseq. enum EAlignFlags { fAlign_LinkMatePairs = 0x1, fAlign_MatedAlignsAsPwAlign = 0x2, fAlign_Default = 0x0 }; typedef int TAlignFlags; protected: virtual EJobState x_Execute(); private: EJobState x_LoadAlignments(); CRef<CSGJobResult> x_LoadAlignmentFeats(CAlignGlyph& align); CRef<CSeqGlyph> x_CreateFeatGlyph(objects::CSeq_loc_Mapper& mapper, const objects::CMappedFeat& mapped_feat, CAlignGlyph& align) const; bool x_CreateGeneModels(objects::CSeq_loc_Mapper& mapper, CLinkedFeature::TLinkedFeats& feats, CSeqGlyph::TObjects& objs, CAlignGlyph& align) const; IAppJob::EJobState x_GetAlignSmear(CSeqGlyph::TObjects& objs, objects::CAlign_CI& align_iter); IAppJob::EJobState x_GetAlignments(CSeqGlyph::TObjects& objs, objects::CAlign_CI& align_iter, bool sparseAln, bool filterResults = false); IAppJob::EJobState x_GetCoverageGraph(); void x_UpdateMaxTails(const IAlnGraphicDataSource &aln_datasource) { TSignedSeqPos start_tail(0); TSignedSeqPos end_tail(0); aln_datasource.GetUnalignedTails(start_tail, end_tail); if (start_tail > m_MaxStartTail) m_MaxStartTail = start_tail; if (end_tail > m_MaxEndTail) m_MaxEndTail = end_tail; } private: vector< CRef<CAlignGlyph> > m_Aligns; ///< alignments feature retrieval TModelUnit m_Window; ///< current window for smear bars CIRef<IAlignSorter> m_Sorter; /// max number of alignments to load. /// m_AlignLimit < 0, means smear all alignments /// m_AlignLimit = 0, show alignments only when at sequence level int m_AlignLimit; bool m_SmearOverLimit;///< flag indicating if smear is needed bool m_LinkPair; ///< link mate pair aligns bool m_LoadCoverageGraph; CAlignmentConfig::EHideSraAlignments m_HideSra; ///< Flag, indicating whether to hide duplicates and/or bad reads CAlignmentConfig::EUnalignedTailsMode m_UnalignedTailsMode; ///< Flag, indicating whether and how to display unaligned tails TSignedSeqPos &m_MaxStartTail; ///< Max length of unaligned tail at the start of the sequence TSignedSeqPos &m_MaxEndTail; ///< Max length of unaligned tail at the end of the sequence }; /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /// CSGAlignScoreJob /// class NCBI_GUIWIDGETS_SEQGRAPHIC_EXPORT CSGAlignScoringJob : public CSeqGraphicJob { public: typedef pair<CConstRef<CObject>, int> TAlnAnchorPair; typedef map<TAlnAnchorPair, CIRef<ISGAlnScore> > TAlnScoreMap; CSGAlignScoringJob(const string& desc, const TAlnScoreMap& scores); private: CSGAlignScoringJob(const CSGAlignScoringJob&); const CSGAlignScoringJob& operator=(const CSGAlignScoringJob&); virtual EJobState x_Execute(); private: TAlnScoreMap m_AlnScoreMap; }; /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /// CSGAlignStatJob /// class NCBI_GUIWIDGETS_SEQGRAPHIC_EXPORT CSGAlignStatJob : public CSGAnnotJob { public: typedef vector< CConstRef<IAlnGraphicDataSource> > TAlnMgrVec; CSGAlignStatJob(const string& desc, objects::CBioseq_Handle handle, const objects::SAnnotSelector& aln_sel, const objects::SAnnotSelector& graph_sel, const TSeqRange& range, const TAlnMgrVec& aligns, TModelUnit scale); private: CSGAlignStatJob(const CSGAlignStatJob&); const CSGAlignStatJob& operator=(const CSGAlignStatJob&); virtual EJobState x_Execute(); EJobState x_LoadAlignments(); typedef vector<CConstRef<objects::CSeq_graph>> TGraphs; typedef vector<TGraphs> TGraphVec; typedef IAlnGraphicDataSource::TNumrow TNumrow; void x_CreatePileUpGraphs(TGraphVec& graphs); private: objects::SAnnotSelector m_GraphSel; ///< pileup graph selector TAlnMgrVec m_Aligns; TModelUnit m_Window; ///< current zoom scale }; END_NCBI_SCOPE #endif // GUI_WIDGETS_SEQ_GRAPHIC___ALIGNMENT_JOB__HPP

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