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#ifndef GUI_SERVICES___SEARCH_TOOL_BASE_HPP #define GUI_SERVICES___SEARCH_TOOL_BASE_HPP /* $Id: search_tool_base.hpp 31040 2014-08-22 18:27:17Z katargir $ * =========================================================================== * * PUBLIC DOMAIN NOTICE * National Center for Biotechnology Information * * This software/database is a "United States Government Work" under the * terms of the United States Copyright Act. It was written as part of * the author's official duties as a United States Government employee and * thus cannot be copyrighted. This software/database is freely available * to the public for use. The National Library of Medicine and the U.S. * Government have not placed any restriction on its use or reproduction. * * Although all reasonable efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy * and reliability of the software and data, the NLM and the U.S. * Government do not and cannot warrant the performance or results that * may be obtained by using this software or data. The NLM and the U.S. * Government disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including * warranties of performance, merchantability or fitness for any particular * purpose. * * Please cite the author in any work or product based on this material. * * =========================================================================== * * Authors: Andrey Yazhuk * * File Description: * */ #include <gui/core/dm_search_tool.hpp> #include <gui/utils/app_job.hpp> #include <gui/utils/event_translator.hpp> #include <gui/utils/extension.hpp> #include <objects/seqloc/Seq_loc.hpp> BEGIN_NCBI_SCOPE class IDMSearchForm; class CAppJobDispatcher; class CSearchJobBase; /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /// CSearchToolBase class NCBI_GUICORE_EXPORT CSearchToolBase : public CObjectEx, public IExtension, public CEventHandler, public IDMSearchTool { DECLARE_EVENT_MAP(); public: enum EPatternType { eExactMatch, eWildcard, eRegexp, eNamed }; CSearchToolBase(); virtual ~CSearchToolBase(); /// @name IUITool interface /// @{ virtual IUITool* Clone() const = 0; virtual string GetName() const = 0; virtual string GetDescription() const = 0; /// @} /// @name IDMSearchTool implementation /// @{ virtual CIRef<IDMSearchForm> CreateSearchForm() = 0; virtual bool IsCompatible(IDataMiningContext* context) = 0; virtual bool StartSearch(IDMSearchQuery& query, IDMSearchFormController& listener); virtual bool CancelSearch(IDMSearchFormController& listener); virtual bool PullSearch(IDMSearchQuery& query, IDMSearchFormController& listener); virtual string GetJobDescr(IDMSearchFormController& form); /// @} /// CAppJobDispatcher notification handler void OnAJNotification(CEvent* evt); void OnProgress(CEvent* evt); /// special flags virtual IDMSearchTool::TUIToolFlags GetFlags(void); // conversions virtual IDMSearchTool::TConversions & GetConversions(void); // filters virtual const IDMSearchTool::TFilters& GetFilters(void) const; virtual IDMSearchTool::TFilters& SetFilters(); /// String representation of pattern type static string GetPatternTypeStr(EPatternType ptype); protected: struct SSession { CIRef<IDMSearchQuery> m_Query; IDMSearchFormController* m_Listener; int m_JobID; string m_Descr; }; /// create a job based on the given query, override in derived classes virtual CRef<CSearchJobBase> x_CreateJob(IDMSearchQuery& query) = 0; int x_GetSessionIndexByID(int job_id); int x_GetSessionIndexByQuery(IDMSearchQuery& query); int x_GetSessionIndexByListener(IDMSearchFormController& listener); virtual void x_OnJobCompleted(CAppJobNotification& notify, SSession& session); virtual void x_OnJobFailed(CAppJobNotification& notify, SSession& session); virtual void x_OnJobCanceled(CAppJobNotification& notify, SSession& session); protected: string m_Name; int m_ReportPeriod; vector<SSession*> m_Sessions; IDMSearchTool::TConversions m_Conversions; IDMSearchTool::TFilters m_Filters; CRef<CObjectList> m_Cache; }; /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /// CSearchQueryBase class NCBI_GUICORE_EXPORT CSearchQueryBase : public CObject, public IDMSearchQuery { public: struct SScopedLoc { CRef<objects::CSeq_loc> m_Loc; CRef<objects::CScope> m_Scope; string m_ContextName; }; typedef vector<SScopedLoc> TScopedLocs; CSearchQueryBase(TScopedLocs& locs) { m_ScopedLocs = locs; } TScopedLocs& GetScopedLocs() { return m_ScopedLocs; } protected: TScopedLocs m_ScopedLocs; }; /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /// CSearchJobBase /// class NCBI_GUICORE_EXPORT CSearchJobBase : public CJobCancelable { public: typedef CSearchToolBase::EPatternType TPatternType; CSearchJobBase(); virtual ~CSearchJobBase(); /// @name IAppJob implementation /// @{ virtual EJobState Run(); virtual CConstIRef<IAppJobProgress> GetProgress(); virtual CRef<CObject> GetResult(); virtual CConstIRef<IAppJobError> GetError(); virtual string GetDescr() const; /// @} void SetFilters(IDMSearchTool::TFilters & filters) {m_Filters = filters;} int GetResultsCount() const { return m_ResultsCount; } int GetMaxResultsCount() const { return m_MaxResultsCount; } protected: /// returns true if Job params are correct, implement in derived classes virtual bool x_ValidateParams() = 0; virtual void x_PrepareSearch(); /// performs searching, assuming that params are correct; /// Implement in derived classes virtual EJobState x_DoSearch() = 0; /// add custom columns if needed virtual void x_SetupColumns(CObjectList& obj_list); /// transfer data from Temp Results to Final virtual void x_TransferResults(); /// factory method creating new column handler for CObjectListWidget //NCBI_DEPRECATED virtual IObjectColumnHandler* x_GetColumnHandler() const; /// factory method creating new model for CObjectListWidget virtual CObjectListTableModel* x_GetNewOLTModel() const; // this function just needs info about OLT model friend bool CSearchToolBase::PullSearch(IDMSearchQuery& query, IDMSearchFormController& listener); protected: /// human-readable description of the Job string m_Descr; /// synchronizes access to the Job members CMutex m_Mutex; CRef<CAppJobError> m_Error; /// total number of results int m_ResultsCount; /// Max possible results count int m_MaxResultsCount; /// accumulates found objects before they are transferred to m_ResultList CObjectList m_AccList; /// holds temporary results, guarded by Mutex CRef<CDMSearchResult> m_TempResult; string m_ProgressStr; /// guarded by Mutex CRef<CDMSearchResult> m_Result; /// holds the final results IDMSearchTool::TFilters m_Filters; }; END_NCBI_SCOPE #endif // GUI_SERVICES___SEARCH_TOOL_BASE_HPP

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