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#ifndef DBAPI___VARIANT__HPP #define DBAPI___VARIANT__HPP /* $Id: variant.hpp 72088 2016-04-14 19:07:55Z ucko $ * =========================================================================== * * PUBLIC DOMAIN NOTICE * National Center for Biotechnology Information * * This software/database is a "United States Government Work" under the * terms of the United States Copyright Act. It was written as part of * the author's official duties as a United States Government employee and * thus cannot be copyrighted. This software/database is freely available * to the public for use. The National Library of Medicine and the U.S. * Government have not placed any restriction on its use or reproduction. * * Although all reasonable efforts have been taken to ensure the accuracy * and reliability of the software and data, the NLM and the U.S. * Government do not and cannot warrant the performance or results that * may be obtained by using this software or data. The NLM and the U.S. * Government disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including * warranties of performance, merchantability or fitness for any particular * purpose. * * Please cite the author in any work or product based on this material. * * =========================================================================== * * Author: Michael Kholodov * * File Description: CVariant class implementation * */ #include <corelib/ncbiobj.hpp> #include <corelib/ncbitype.h> #include <corelib/ncbitime.hpp> #include <dbapi/driver/types.hpp> #include <dbapi/driver/interfaces.hpp> /** @addtogroup DbVariant * * @{ */ BEGIN_NCBI_SCOPE ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // CVariantException:: // // //class NCBI_DBAPI_EXPORT CVariantException : public std::exception class NCBI_DBAPI_EXPORT CVariantException : EXCEPTION_VIRTUAL_BASE public CException { public: enum EErrCode { eVariant }; CVariantException(const string& message); virtual const char* GetErrCodeString(void) const; NCBI_EXCEPTION_DEFAULT(CVariantException, CException); }; ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // EDateTimeFormat:: // // DateTime format // enum EDateTimeFormat { eShort, eLong }; ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // CVariant:: // // CVariant data type // class NCBI_DBAPI_EXPORT CVariant { public: // Contructors to create CVariant from various primitive types explicit CVariant(Int8 v); explicit CVariant(Int4 v); explicit CVariant(Int2 v); explicit CVariant(Uint1 v); explicit CVariant(float v); explicit CVariant(double v); explicit CVariant(bool v); explicit CVariant(const string& v); explicit CVariant(const char* s); explicit CVariant(const TStringUCS2& v); // explicit CVariant(const TCharUCS2* s); // Factories for different types // NOTE: pass p = 0 to make NULL value static CVariant BigInt (Int8 *p); static CVariant Int (Int4 *p); static CVariant SmallInt (Int2 *p); static CVariant TinyInt (Uint1 *p); static CVariant Float (float *p); static CVariant Double (double *p); static CVariant Bit (bool *p); static CVariant LongChar (const char *p, size_t len = 0); static CVariant LongChar (const TStringUCS2 &s, size_t len = 0); static CVariant VarChar (const char *p, size_t len = 0); static CVariant VarChar (const TStringUCS2 &s, size_t len = 0); static CVariant VarCharMax (const char *p, size_t len = 0); static CVariant VarCharMax (const TStringUCS2 &s, size_t len = 0); static CVariant Char (size_t size, const char *p); static CVariant Char (size_t size, const TStringUCS2& s); static CVariant LongBinary (size_t maxSize, const void *p, size_t len); static CVariant VarBinary (const void *p, size_t len); static CVariant VarBinaryMax (const void *p, size_t len); static CVariant Binary (size_t size, const void *p, size_t len); static CVariant SmallDateTime(CTime *p); static CVariant DateTime (CTime *p); static CVariant Numeric (unsigned int precision, unsigned int scale, const char* p); // Make "placeholder" CVariant by type, containing NULL value CVariant(EDB_Type type, size_t size = 0); // Make DATETIME representation in long and short forms CVariant(const class CTime& v, EDateTimeFormat fmt); // Make CVariant from internal CDB_Object explicit CVariant(CDB_Object* obj); // Copy constructor CVariant(const CVariant& v); // Destructor ~CVariant(); // Get methods EDB_Type GetType() const; Int8 GetInt8(void) const; string GetString(void) const; Int4 GetInt4(void) const; Int2 GetInt2(void) const; Uint1 GetByte(void) const; float GetFloat(void) const; double GetDouble(void) const; bool GetBit(void) const; string GetNumeric(void) const; const CTime& GetCTime(void) const; // Get the argument as default, if the column is NULL string AsNotNullString(const string& v) const; // Status info bool IsNull() const; // NULLify void SetNull(); // operators CVariant& operator=(const CVariant& v); CVariant& operator=(const Int8& v); CVariant& operator=(const Int4& v); CVariant& operator=(const Int2& v); CVariant& operator=(const Uint1& v); CVariant& operator=(const float& v); CVariant& operator=(const double& v); CVariant& operator=(const string& v); CVariant& operator=(const char* v); CVariant& operator=(const TStringUCS2& v); // CVariant& operator=(const TCharUCS2* v); CVariant& operator=(const bool& v); CVariant& operator=(const CTime& v); // Get pointer to the data buffer // NOTE: internal use only! CDB_Object* GetData() const; // Get pointer to the data buffer, throws CVariantException if buffer is 0 // NOTE: internal use only! CDB_Object* GetNonNullData() const; // Methods to work with BLOB data (Text and Image) size_t GetBlobSize() const; size_t Read(void* buf, size_t len) const; size_t Append(const void* buf, size_t len); size_t Append(const string& str); size_t Append(const TStringUCS2& str); // Truncates from buffer end to buffer start. // Truncates everything if no argument void Truncate(size_t len = kMax_UInt); // Moves the internal position pointer bool MoveTo(size_t pos) const; void SetBlobDescriptor(I_BlobDescriptor* descr); I_BlobDescriptor& GetBlobDescriptor(void) const; I_BlobDescriptor* ReleaseBlobDescriptor(void) const; void SetITDescriptor(I_BlobDescriptor* descr) { SetBlobDescriptor(descr); } I_BlobDescriptor& GetITDescriptor(void) const { return GetBlobDescriptor(); } I_BlobDescriptor* ReleaseITDescriptor(void) const { return ReleaseBlobDescriptor(); } // Simplify bulk insertion into NVARCHAR columns, which require // explicit handling. EBulkEnc GetBulkInsertionEnc(void) const; void SetBulkInsertionEnc(EBulkEnc e); protected: // Set methods void SetData(CDB_Object* o); private: // void VerifyType(bool e) const; void CheckNull() const; void x_Verify_AssignType(EDB_Type db_type, const char* cxx_type) const; void x_Inapplicable_Method(const char* method) const; class CDB_Object* m_data; mutable auto_ptr<I_BlobDescriptor> m_descr; }; bool NCBI_DBAPI_EXPORT operator==(const CVariant& v1, const CVariant& v2); bool NCBI_DBAPI_EXPORT operator<(const CVariant& v1, const CVariant& v2); //================================================================ inline CDB_Object* CVariant::GetData() const { return m_data; } inline EDB_Type CVariant::GetType() const { return m_data->GetType(); } //inline //void CVariant::VerifyType(bool e) const //{ // if( !e ) { //#ifdef _DEBUG // _TRACE("CVariant::VerifyType(): Invalid type"); // _ASSERT(0); //#else // NCBI_THROW(CVariantException, eVariant, "Invalid type"); //#endif // } //} inline void CVariant::SetBlobDescriptor(I_BlobDescriptor* descr) { m_descr.reset(descr); } inline I_BlobDescriptor& CVariant::GetBlobDescriptor(void) const { if (m_descr.get() == NULL) { NCBI_THROW(CVariantException, eVariant, "No blob descriptor available."); } return *m_descr; } inline I_BlobDescriptor* CVariant::ReleaseBlobDescriptor(void) const { return m_descr.release(); } inline void CVariant::x_Verify_AssignType(EDB_Type db_type, const char* cxx_type) const { if (db_type == eDB_UnsupportedType || db_type != GetType()) { NCBI_THROW(CVariantException, eVariant, "Cannot assign type '" + string(cxx_type) + "' to type '" + string(CDB_Object::GetTypeName(GetType())) + "'"); } } inline void CVariant::x_Inapplicable_Method(const char* method) const { NCBI_THROW(CVariantException, eVariant, "CVariant::" + string(method) + " is not applicable to type '" + string(CDB_Object::GetTypeName(GetType())) + "'"); } inline bool operator!=(const CVariant& v1, const CVariant& v2) { return !(v1 == v2); } inline bool operator>(const CVariant& v1, const CVariant& v2) { return v2 < v1; } inline bool operator<=(const CVariant& v1, const CVariant& v2) { return v1 < v2 || v1 == v2; } inline bool operator>=(const CVariant& v1, const CVariant& v2) { return v2 < v1 || v1 == v2; } END_NCBI_SCOPE #endif // DBAPI___VARIANT__HPP

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