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 C++ BLAST Options CookbookThe purpose of the C++ BLAST options APIs is to provide convenient access to the various algorithm options for a variety of users of BLAST as well as a means to validating the options, while isolating them from the details of the CORE BLAST implementation
 C++ BLAST Options Design
 Implementing the BlastHSPFilter interface——————————–docs——————————
 Implementing the BlastSeqSrc interfaceImplementations of this interface should provide life-cycle functions as well as functions which satisfy the BlastSeqSrc interface
 Creating Custom Criteria SubclassesThe ICriteria "interface" class is provided with a predefined collection of criteria subclasses with class names of the form "CCriteria_<subset>" where <subset> matches the commonly used label of the subset, but all uppercase
 RepeatMasker output
 LMDB Command Line ToolsThe following describes the command line tools that are available for LMDB
 Using CSyncQueue class
 How to add a new type
 Deprecated List
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