Arabidopsis thaliana gene AT3G03180, encoding Got1-like family protein.
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TAIR annotates one representative transcript.

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According to AceView, this gene is moderately expressed, only 25.5% of the average gene in this release. The sequence of this gene is defined by 10 GenBank accessions, some from ovule (seen 3 times), aerial (once).
The gene contains 5 distinct gt-ag introns. Transcription produces one spliced mRNA, 1 alternatively spliced variant and 1 unspliced form.
Function:. Functionally, the gene has been proposed to participate in a process (vesicle-mediated transport). Proteins are expected to localize in membrane.
Please see the Arabidopsis TAIR site TAIR:AT3G03180 for in depth functional annotation of this gene.
Protein coding potential: The spliced mRNAs putatively encode a good protein, containing Got1-like protein domain [Pfam], some transmembrane domains [Psort2]. The remaining mRNA variant (unspliced; partial) appears not to encode a good protein.

Please quote: AceView: a comprehensive cDNA-supported gene and transcripts annotation, Genome Biology 2006, 7(Suppl 1):S12.
Map on chromosome 3, links to other databases and other names
Map: This gene AT3G03180 maps on chromosome 3. In AceView, it covers 1.23 kb, from 733394 to 734618 (NCBI 7_1, April 2007), on the direct strand.
Links to: manual annotations from TAIR:AT3G03180, the SNP view, gene overviews from Entrez Gene 821059, expression data from UniGene.
Other names: The gene is also known as AT3G03180, T17B22.13 or T17B22_13, LOC821059. It has been described as Got1-like family protein.
Closest AceView homologs in other species ?
The closest human gene, according to BlastP, is the AceView gene GOLT1B (e=10-13).
The closest mouse genes, according to BlastP, are the AceView genes Golt1b (e=3 10-14), Golt1aandKiss1 (e=2 10-12).
The closest C.elegans gene, according to BlastP, is the AceView/WormGene 2F31 (e=10-16)
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Gene AT3G03180 5' 3' encoded on plus strand of chromosome 3 from 733,394 to 734,618 a [NM] b-u 1kb 0 175 bp exon 104 bp [gt-ag] intron 6 GenBank accessions 92 bp exon 85 bp [gt-ag] intron 6 GenBank accessions 81 bp exon 79 bp [gt-ag] intron 6 GenBank accessions 98 bp exon 103 bp [gt-ag] intron 5 GenBank accessions 82 bp exon 97 bp [gt-ag] intron 5 GenBank accessions 228 bp exon 7 accessions, NM_111188 some from aerial (seen once) 228 bp exon 113 bp exon 3 accessions, some from ovule (seen 3 times) 113 bp exon Alternative mRNAs are shown aligned from 5' to 3' on a virtual genome where introns have been shrunk to a minimal length. Exon size is proportional to length, intron height reflects the number of cDNAs supporting each intron, the small numbers show the support of the introns in deep sequencing (with details in mouse-over) . Introns of the same color are identical, of different colors are different. 'Good proteins' are pink, partial or not-good proteins are yellow, uORFs are green. 5' cap or3' poly A flags show completeness of the transcript.
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mRNA variant mRNA matching the genome Best predicted protein 5' UTR 3' UTR Upstream sequence Transcription
Downstream sequence
aOct08 756 bp 188 aa 189 bp 2kb probably including promoter 1224 bp 1kb
bOct08-unspliced 113 bp 31 aa 20 bp 2kb probably including promoter 113 bp 1kb

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R C AT3G02900 C R AT3G02910 C AT3G02930 C MYB107 C R P ATHSFA1E C R AT3G03000 C P AT3G03020 C R AT3G03030 C R AT3G03040 C R CSLD3 D C R P AT3G03060 C P XPO1B C ATARFB1C C P AT3G03140 C R AT3G03160 C AT3G03170 C AT3G03180 C ATGSTF11 C P AT3G03210 C R AT3G03280 C P AT3G03290 C AT3G03320 C R UNE6 C R P AT3G03350andAT3G03360 C R DEGP7 C R AT3G03420 C R AT3G03430 C AT3G03440 C C AT3G03500 AT3G03510 AT3G03456 C P C AT3G02920 C AT3G02950 C R AT3G02960 C AT3G02970 C AT3G02980 C R AT3G03010 C R P AT3G03070 C AT3G03080 D C P ATVGT1 C R P AT3G03100 C AT3G03130 C R AT3G03150 C ANAC045 C P ATEXPA13 C AT3G03230 C AT3G03240 C P UGP C AT3G03260 C R AT3G03270 C R AT3G03272 C R P AT3G03305andDCL2 C R P AT3G03310 C R P AT3G03330 C R P AT3G03341 C R AT3G03370 C AT3G03400 C AT3G03405 C P AT3G03410 C P RGL2 C AT3G03460 C CYP89A9 C P CHAT 10 20kb 0 ILR1, 32 accessions, 2 variants AT3G02880, 64 accessions laber, 1 accession AT3G02890, 4 accessions AT3G02900, 33 accessions 3 variants AT3G02910, 66 accessions AT3G02930, 12 accessions MYB107, 12 accessions 2 variants ATHSFA1E, 8 accessions AT3G03000, 27 accessions AT3G03020, 31 accessions 4 variants AT3G03030, 9 accessions AT3G03040, 5 accessions 2 variants CSLD3, 57 accessions AT3G03060, 8 accessions 2 variants XPO1B, 12 accessions ATARFB1C, 21 accessions AT3G03140, 14 accessions AT3G03160, 67 accessions AT3G03170, 18 accessions AT3G03180, 10 accessions 2 variants ATGSTF11, 15 accessions AT3G03210, 25 accessions AT3G03280, 4 accessions AT3G03290, 5 accessions AT3G03320, 15 accessions 3 variants UNE6, 35 accessions, 2 variants AT3G03350andAT3G03360 31 accessions, 8 variants DEGP7, 59 accessions, 2 variants AT3G03420, 21 accessions 2 variants AT3G03430, 3 accessions AT3G03440, 11 accessions 2 variants spardoy, 19 accessions lyber, 2 accessions sneydoy, 1 accession snordoy, 1 accession lober, 1 accession larber, 1 accession spadoy, 2 accessions leeber, 1 accession spudoy, 28 accessions leyber, 19 accessions luber, 1 accession snoydoy, 1 accession lawber, 36 accessions spydoy, 1 accession spodoy, 1 accession AT3G03456, 1 accession GASA5, 9 accessions AT3G02920, 10 accessions AT3G02950, 36 accessions AT3G02960, 1 accession AT3G02970, 8 accessions AT3G02980, 2 accessions 2 variants AT3G03010, 14 accessions 3 variants AT3G03070, 153 accessions AT3G03080, 3 accessions ATVGT1, 17 accessions AT3G03100, 168 accessions AT3G03130, 78 accessions 2 variants AT3G03150, 194 accessions 2 variants ANAC045, 5 accessions ATEXPA13, 46 accessions AT3G03230, 2 accessions AT3G03240, 7 accessions 2 variants UGP, 189 accessions AT3G03260, 3 accessions AT3G03270, 71 accessions 5 variants AT3G03272, 40 accessions AT3G03305andDCL2, 62 accessions 4 variants AT3G03310, 43 accessions 3 variants AT3G03330, 67 accessions AT3G03341, 23 accessions AT3G03370, 12 accessions 2 variants AT3G03400, 2 accessions AT3G03405, 66 accessions 2 variants AT3G03410, 4 accessions RGL2, 22 accessions AT3G03460, 56 accessions CYP89A9, 61 accessions CHAT, 8 accessions ZOOM IN                D:disease,C:conserved,I:interactions,R:regulation,P:publications         Read more...
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