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Homologene:80199. Gene conserved in Eukaryota

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  Species Gene mRNA Protein
H.sapiens CYP4F8 NM_007253.3 NP_009184.1
P.troglodytes LOC748442 XM_001172317.3 XP_001172317.1
M.mulatta CYP4F8 XM_001112044.2 XP_001112044.1
M.musculus Cyp4f15 NM_134127.1 NP_598888.1
R.norvegicus Cyp4f4 NM_173123.1 NP_775146.1
A.thaliana CYP72A15 NM_112330.3 NP_188087.1
A.thaliana CYP72A7 NM_112322.2 NP_188079.1
A.thaliana CYP72A13 NM_112327.2 NP_188084.1
A.thaliana CYP72A8 NM_112323.4 NP_188080.1
A.thaliana CYP72A9 NM_112324.1 NP_188081.1
A.thaliana CYP72A14 NM_112329.3 NP_188086.1
A.thaliana CYP72A10 NM_112325.1 NP_188082.1
A.thaliana CYP72A11 NM_112326.4 NP_188083.1

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