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Homologene:7410. Gene conserved in Opisthokonta

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  Species Gene mRNA Protein
H.sapiens AMACR NM_014324.5 NP_055139.4
P.troglodytes AMACR XM_517837.3 XP_517837.2
M.mulatta AMACR XM_001088403.2 XP_001088403.1
C.lupus AMACR XM_850336.4 XP_855429.1
B.taurus AMACR XM_002696385.2 XP_002696431.1
M.musculus Amacr NM_008537.4 NP_032563.2
R.norvegicus Amacr NM_012816.2 NP_036948.2
G.gallus AMACR NM_001031448.1 NP_001026619.1
D.rerio c1qtnf3 NM_001020626.1 NP_001018462.1
D.melanogaster CG9319 NM_001273709.1 NP_001260638.1
A.gambiae AgaP_AGAP008414 XM_317033.4 XP_317033.2
C.elegans C24A3.4 NM_077116.2 NP_509517.2
C.elegans CELE_ZK892.4 NM_063762.2 NP_496163.2
318829 MGG_09516 XM_003712178.1 XP_003712226.1
N.crassa NCU04099 XM_955768.1 XP_960861.1
X.tropicalis amacr NM_001007885.2 NP_001007886.1

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