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Homologene:56495. Gene conserved in Eukaryota

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  Species Gene mRNA Protein
H.sapiens LDHA NM_001165414.1 NP_001158886.1
P.troglodytes LDHA NM_001034096.1 NP_001029268.1
M.mulatta LDHA XM_001086967.2 XP_001086967.1
C.lupus LDHA XM_534084.4 XP_534084.4
B.taurus LDHA NM_174099.2 NP_776524.1
M.musculus Ldha NM_001136069.2 NP_001129541.2
G.gallus LDHA NM_205284.1 NP_990615.1
D.rerio ldha NM_131246.1 NP_571321.1
D.melanogaster ImpL3 NM_057233.5 NP_476581.1
A.gambiae AgaP_AGAP004880 XM_001688504.1 XP_001688556.1
C.elegans ldh-1 NM_064102.5 NP_496503.1
A.thaliana AT4G17260 NM_117832.3 NP_193459.1
O.sativa Os02g0105400 NM_001052154.1 NP_001045619.1
O.sativa Os06g0104900 NM_001063087.1 NP_001056552.1
X.tropicalis ldha NM_203822.1 NP_989153.1

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