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Homologene:56284. Gene conserved in Eukaryota

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  Species Gene mRNA Protein
H.sapiens FA2H NM_024306.4 NP_077282.3
P.troglodytes FA2H XM_511106.3 XP_511106.3
M.mulatta FA2H XM_001108607.2 XP_001108607.1
C.lupus FA2H XM_847921.2 XP_853014.1
B.taurus FA2H NM_001192455.1 NP_001179384.1
M.musculus Fa2h NM_178086.3 NP_835187.2
R.norvegicus Fa2h NM_001135583.1 NP_001129055.1
G.gallus FA2H XM_414053.4 XP_414053.4
D.melanogaster fa2h NM_136435.4 NP_610279.3
C.elegans CELE_C25A1.5 NM_060277.6 NP_492678.1
S.cerevisiae SCS7 NM_001182779.1 NP_013999.1
K.lactis KLLA0D01639g XM_453142.1 XP_453142.1
E.gossypii AGOS_AAL183W NM_207712.1 NP_982359.1
318829 MGG_03920 XM_003719898.1 XP_003719946.1
N.crassa NCU03492 XM_950786.2 XP_955879.1
A.thaliana FAH1 NM_129030.2 NP_181023.1
O.sativa Os03g0780800 NM_001057988.1 NP_001051453.1
O.sativa Os12g0628400 NM_001073861.1 NP_001067329.1
X.tropicalis fa2h NM_001030506.1 NP_001025677.1

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