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Homologene:5014. Gene conserved in Eukaryota

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  Species Gene mRNA Protein
H.sapiens COX3 COX3_251831113 YP_003024032.1
P.troglodytes COX3 COX3_5835130 NP_008192.1
C.lupus COX3 COX3_17737326 NP_008477.4
B.taurus COX3 COX3_60101831 YP_209211.1
M.musculus COX3 COX3_34538604 NP_904334.1
R.norvegicus COX3 COX3_110189721 YP_665635.1
G.gallus COX3 COX3_166240019 NP_006921.2
D.rerio COX3 COX3_8395618 NP_059337.1
D.melanogaster COX3 COX3_5835239 NP_008282.1
A.gambiae COX3 COX3_5834917 NP_008074.1
S.cerevisiae COX3 NM_001184375.1 NP_009328.1
K.lactis COX3 COX3_50812099 YP_054504.1
E.gossypii AGOS_AMI003W AGOS_AMI003W_45239023 NP_987080.1
A.thaliana AT2G07687 NM_126741.2 NP_178782.1
A.thaliana cox3 cox3_26556997 NP_085532.2
X.tropicalis COX3 COX3_58618671 YP_203376.1

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