Genomic profiles of sporulation genes

This is a list of supplementary files to the paper by Daniel J. Rigden and Michael Y. Galperin
"Sequence analysis of GerM and SpoVS, uncharacterised bacterial ‘sporulation’
proteins with widespread phylogenetic distribution"
, published in Bioinformatics, 2008, 24:1793-1997.
PubMed. Full paper (PDF)

1. Supplementary Table 1: Poorly characterized sporulation genes of wide phylogenetic distribution
2. Supplementary Figure 1: Sequence alignment of GERMN domains
3. Supplementary Figure 2: Sequence alignment of GMAD1 domains
4. Supplementary Figure 3: Sequence alignment of GMAD2 domains
5. Supplementary Figure 4: Sequence alignment of SpoVS and Alba protein families
6. Supplementary Figure 5: Electrostatic potential mapped onto the solvent-accessible surface of the SpoVS dimer model

The Supplementary Table S3 to the paper by MY Galperin, SL Mekhedov, P Puigbo, S Smirnov, YI Wolf and DJ Rigden
"Genomic determinants of sporulation in Bacilli and Clostridia: towards the minimal set of sporulation-specific genes",
published in Environ. Microbiol., 14: 2870-2890 (PubMed Abstract, Free full text (PDF)), is available here
(unfortunately, properly visible only in Internet Explorer at this point). An Excel version of this Table (703 K) is available here.
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