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   Finding Active Compounds: Agonists of Human Serotonin Receptors

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  • Find the Gene Summary page for the human serotonin receptor 1E (HTR1E)
  • Find a BioAssay where the HTR1E gene product has been studied
  • Find other assays where other serotonin receptors have been studied
  • Retrieve and download compounds that are agonists of two receptor subtypes


  1. Retrieve the Gene record for human HTR1E.
    • On the NCBI home page, enter HTR1E[sym] AND human[organism] in the search box and click Go.
    • Click on the number of Gene hits.

  2. Find BioAssays that involve human HTR1E
    • Click BioAssay in the Links menu to the right of HTR1E.

  3. Find other assays involving serotonin receptors
    • Click on the assay number (AID) of the primary screening assay of agonists of HTR1E.
    • Look in the Protocol section to see how activity scores were determined for this assay.
    • In the Neighbors, Related BioAssays section, first click on Summary to the right of Target Similarity. This view shows those assays with protein targets that have similar sequences. How many additional assays studied human serotonin receptors? Which subtype of the receptor was studied?

  4. Find other assays in which HTR1E agonists are active
    • Go back in your browser and click on Summary to the right of Activity Overlap. This view shows those assays that share active compounds in common.
    • Find the assay for the other receptor subtype that has the most active compounds in common with AID 574 (HTR1E assay), and click on the number of compounds active in both assays.

  5. Download the active compounds
    • Choose PubChem Download from the Display menu.
    • The data should download to your computer.

Revised October 9, 2007