Molecular Structure Viewing
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The complete set of PowerPoint slides for this module are now available in
*.mht format (Web archive file) and *.html format. The topics covered include:
  1. Introduction
  2. Methods of Determining Protein Structures
  3. Databases
    1. MMDB/Entrez Structure
    2. PDB
  4. Introducing Cn3D
  5. Viewing a Structure
    1. The Structure Window
    2. The Sequence Window
    3. The Import Window
  6. Sequence Alignments
    1. Conserved Domains
  7. Structure Alignments
    1. VAST
    2. 3D Domains
    3. VAST Search
  8. Other Structure Viewers
  9. PubChem Databases
  10. PDBeast
  11. Practice Questions
Some tips for opening the *.mht file are provided on the slide list page of this module.
The references and exercises for the module will continue to be provided as web pages.

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Revised 07/27/2007