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Preparing to load GenBank locally

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The systems office has been asked to write a proposal about loading GenBank in-house. They want to know how large the GenBank files are in both computer and coverage terms and how to get access to them for this project.

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NCBI places no restrictions on the use or distribution of the GenBank data. GenBank data can be downloaded from the NCBI FTP server. The Distribution Release Notes give statistics on the number of sequences, base pairs and file sizes of GenBank.

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  1. GenBank Growth Statistics
  2. GenBank Release Notes
  3. GenBank FTP server

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  • GenBank Growth Statistics
    Annual numbers of sequences and base pairs in GenBank in tabular and line graph formats. Also links to GenBank distribution release notes.
  • GenBank Distribution Release Notes
    Describes the format and content of the flat files that comprise releases of the GenBank database. Section 2.2.5 File Sizes gives a file size in GB (approx 293 GB on 6/15/07) for planning purposes.
  • GenBank FTP server

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