Protein Analysis
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SWISS-PROT - Protein knowledgebase.

  • An annotated protein sequence database established in 1986 at the Department of Medical Biochemistry of the University of Geneva.
  • Now maintained at the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB) and the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI).
  • Minimal level of redundancy.
  • High level of integration with other databases (currently cross-referenced with about 45 different databases).
  • The database contains two types of classified data:
    • SWISS-PROT STANDARD (complete and up to the standards of annotation)
      • Core data (sequence data, bibliographical references, taxonomic data (biological source of protein).
      • Annotated data
        • Function(s) of the protein.
        • Posttranslational modification(s)(e.g., carbohydrates, phosphorylation, etc.).
        • Domains and sites (e.g.,calcium-binding regions, ATP-binding sites, zinc fingers, homeoboxes, etc.).
        • Secondary structure (e.g., alpha helix, beta sheet, etc.).
        • Quaternary structure(e.g., homodimer, heterotrimer, etc.).
        • Similarities to other proteins.
        • Disease(s) associated with any number of deficiencies in the protein.
        • Sequence conflicts, variants, etc.
    • PRELIMINARY Sequence entries are distributed with a supplement called TrEMBL (Translations of EMBL);
      • Computer-annotated supplement to SWISS-PROT.
      • Sequences which have not yet been annotated by the SWISS-PROT staff up to the standards of annotation.

Protein Analysis
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