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Comparison: Patient Resources

MEDLINEPlus Genes and Disease Genetics Home Reference Genetic Alliance
Audience Consumers and Health Professionals Consumers Consumers Everyone
Scope Covers a variety of health questions and health topics (e.g., snoring, latex allergy, talking with your doctor, disease information, medications, teen mental health) and genetic conditions Genes and the diseases they cause Genetic conditions and the genes or chromosomes responsible Support, education and advocacy for genetic conditions
Information within a topic is organized by categories such as overview, diagnosis/symptoms, treatment, prevention/screening, coping, rehabilitation/recovery, nutrition, management, research, etc. Organizes genetic diseases by parts of the body (e.g., nervous system) and major disease categories (e.g., cancer) Summaries of conditions, genes and chromosomes. Handbook with basic information of how genes work and how mutations cause disorders Links to outside organizations that provide support for patients affected by a wide range of genetic conditions. Various search options available (e.g., specific disorder or service).
Focus Includes resources developed for the public by organizations such as NIH and other federal government agencies; professional associations, academies, societies; and major medical clinics/foundations Collection of brief articles on approximately 80 genetic disorders, with links to associated NIH and other resources. Provides an introduction to the relationship between genetic factors and human disease. Consumer health encyclopedia Advocacy for individuals with genetic conditions
Format Search results for a topic include links to summary information prepared by the National Library of Medicine, as well as links to information available at a variety of external resources. The summary information organizes the links to external resources by the categories noted under website organization. A brief article/fact sheet discusses each condition's underlying genetic mutation(s) and clinical features, and provides links to key websites. Online encyclopedia. Provides links to outside resources, by condition (clinical descriptions, genetic information, research, support groups, etc.), organization, and services.
Interactive tutorials, videos, clinical trials When available includes diagrams, photos, and a chromosome map showing gene location. Handbook for consumers, "Help Me Understand Genetics"
Table of illustrations
Tools for advocacy and outreach; policy initiatives
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Located by searching for organization or service
Support Group Relevant organizations are listed Relevant support groups included in each article, if available Organizations that provide patient support and advocacy available from homepage, under "Resources" Yes

Clinical Resources
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