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Using Front Door #1
Search for P53 Tumor Suppressor Protein

I'd like to view a three-dimensional structure for the p53 tumor suppressor protein. If possible, I would like to see it complexed with DNA.

Front Door #1 Search the Entrez Structure directly for your term(s) of interest.
Example:  Search for: P53 Tumor Suppressor

  • the Entrez Structure database can be searched with a variety of different text terms, similar to the terms that can be searched in other Entrez databases, such as text terms, author names, etc.

  • try a search for p53 tumor suppressor (or you can try searching for just p53)

  • Browse through the initial search results page, which is known as the document summary or "docsum" page and shows the accessions and titles of hits
    • Entrez retrieved records that contain your exact search term(s)
    • Note that some structures are for a fragment of the protein, such as a specific domain, while others might show a larger protein region or a complete protein
    • some structures have been resolved by x-ray crystallography, and therefore provide a single, static image
    • others have been resolved by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), and therefore show multiple models (or snapshots) of the protein as it moved in solution

  • follow the link for the structure with accession 1TUP, Tumor Suppressor P53 Complexed With DNA. Keep that window open as you move through the next few slides, during which we will discuss:
    • the types of information given in the structure summary record
    • how to download and install Cn3D ("See in 3-D"), the structure viewing program
    • how to view the structure in Cn3D


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Revised 11/06/2007