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Search example: human MLH1 gene

Open Entrez Gene:
  • search for human MLH1

    • no need to use quotes or use field specifiers, etc. for the purpose of this sample search -- this novice search strategy will still pull up the desired record (GeneID 4292) as the first hit.

  • as in the earlier search, the results are shonw on a "docsum" (document summary) page, which provides only brief information about the gene records retrieved by your search.
    • the "docsum" (document summary) page also provides only a brief list of items in the "Links" menu (22 as of Nov. 6, 2007 for GeneID 4292) ).
    • a longer list of "Links" is provided on the complete Gene record (39 links as of Nov. 6, 2007 for GeneID 4292)

  • click on the "MLH1" gene symbol for GeneID 4292 to display the complete Entrez Gene record. The next slide provides more details about the information in that record.

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Revised 11/06/2007