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Problem Summary:

Compare a gene sequence from normal versus diseased patients

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How does the sequence obtained from patients with sleep disturbances differ from the normal sequence?



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By determining which amino acids are different in normal versus diseased patients, the researchers can contribute to the understanding of circadian biology. The BLAST 2 Sequences Program (Pairwise BLAST) permits a comparison of two sequences to each other (not to the database).

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  1. BLAST 2 Sequences, Sequence 1 - Enter patient sequence into first query box.

  2. BLAST 2 Sequences, Sequence 2 - Enter normal sequence into second query box.

  3. Choose blastp (Program) - Use pulldown menu to choose protein blast (blastp) because amino acids are being compared.

  4. Click Align

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The results page shows a difference in one amino acid between the two sequences.

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