Scheduled Seminars on 6/3/2013

Andrew Neuwald at 10:00  Edit  Reschedule  Delete
Location: Bldg. 38A, 5th floor conference room

Tools for evaluating and comparing protein domain hierarchies
Arranging protein sequences hierarchically into evolutionarily-divergent subgroups is important for speeding up web-based similarity searches, for identifying sequence determinants of protein function and for genome annotation. However, whether or not a particular protein domain hierarchy is optimal is often unclear, and independently-constructed hierarchies for the same domain can often differ significantly. Here tools for statistically evaluating specific aspects of a hierarchy, for probing the criteria underlying its construction and for directly comparing hierarchies are described. Information theoretical measures are used to quantify the contributions of specific features to a given hierarchical model. Together these approaches provide a deeper understanding of protein domain functional divergence, reveal uncertainties due to inconsistent patterns of sequence conservation and divergence and are useful in resolving conflicts between competing hierarchies.

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