Scheduled Seminars on 3/4/2010

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Computational Methods for Finding Gene Transfers from Eukaryotes to Prokaryotes
As the significance of prokaryotic to prokaryotic gene transfer is becoming fully appreciated, the existence of prokaryote to eukaryote gene transfer has also become accepted, although the vast majority of this is still attributable to endosymbionts, particularly mitochondria and plastids. There are only a few isolated examples of transfer in the reverse direction, from eukaryotes to prokaryotes, or reverse gene transfer (RGT). In this study, I have used proteome-wide comparisons to identify several additional genes that are examples of RGT, and established a pipeline to find many more. I will outline several examples of each of these phenomena, and list relevant genes found thus far; specifically discussing either resultant inter-prokaryotic dynamics or relevance to eukaryotic biology. I will then explore several mechanistic possibilities for these transfers.

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