Scheduled Seminars on 11/10/2010

Patricia Babbitt at 11:00  Edit  Reschedule  Delete
Location: Bldg 38A, NCBI B2 Library
Affiliation: UCSF
Host: Anna Panchenko

Underlying promiscuity and convergence in the evolution of enzyme function
Investigation of structure-function relationships in large and functionally diverse enzyme superfamilies suggests that many evolve multiple reactions using "privileged" scaffolds, structural templates whose active site architectures facilitate catalysis of common partial reactions or other chemical capabilities. Natural evolution has used such scaffolds to evolve many different reactions and reaction specificities consistent with these functional capabilities. A global view of these relationships reveals new insights about how new functions evolve and illustrates how an "underlying promiscuity"
observed in these superfamilies can inform the functional assignment of proteins of unknown function and guide the choice of starting structures for enzyme engineering in the lab. These global studies also allow us to suggest convergent evolution of specific enzyme functions from different intermediate ancestors in the lineage of several of these superfamilies.

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