Panchenko Research Group

Computational Biology Branch, National Center for Biotechnology Information, NIH

Our goal

We develop methods which integrate the bioinformatics and systems biology approaches of looking at complex data from multiple sources with the molecular biophysics approach which zooms down toward a particular specific element of the system and tries to decipher molecular mechanisms. Our methods and approaches aim to:

  • identify protein interaction partners and binding sites;
  • estimate the effects of disease mutations and covalent modifications on protein stability, binding and activity;
  • decipher context dependent mutational signatures from cancer genomes;
  • understand the coupling between histone conformations and DNA geometry in nucleosomes.

From the practical point of view it can provide predictive power for the behavior of the system in response to perturbation and disease; offer experimental leads for identifying driver mutations and genes in cancer and for designing drugs affecting protein interactions and pathways.

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