PubTator is a Web-based tool for accelerating manual literature curation (e.g. annotating biological entities and their relationships) through the use of advanced text-mining techniques. As an all-in-one system, PubTator provides one-stop service for annotating PubMed citations. We keep in sync with PubMed and update automatic computer annotations every day. See our PubTator presentation here.

To start annotation, please click here to enter your paper ids or use the search box above to search for relevant papers to be curated. PubTator supports both standard PubMed search as well as novel entity-specific semantic search of several key biological concepts (e.g., gene, disease, chemicals). Please see our tutorial for more information.

PubTator now allows its users to programmatically access annotations through RESTful API, as well as to download entire annotations via FTP.

*Best supported in Firefox.

Please Cite (RIS, BibTeX):

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