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The new version of LitVar is available for testing here

LitVar [1] allows the search and retrieval of variant relevant information from the biomedical literature and shows key biological relations between a variant and its close related entities (e.g. genes, diseases, and drugs). The LitVar results are automatically extracted (with regular updates) from over 30 million PubMed articles as well as applicable full-text articles in PubMed Central. Read More
Variant Standardization via Normalization.
LitVar uses tmVar [2], a high-performance variant name disambiguation engine, to normalize different forms of the same variant into a unique and standardized name so that all matching articles can be returned regardless the use of a specific name in the query.

You can search for both variants, genes, or variant+gene.
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Search in Full Text.
LitVar processes the entire set of full-text articles from the open access PMC subset in addition to PubMed in order to provide relevant variant information beyond title and abstracts.
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Relations Results by PubTator.
LitVar leverages the state-of-the-art literature annotation tool, PubTator, to provide key biological relations among variations, drugs, genes, and diseases.
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Computer Access via API.
LitVar provides API to enable computational analysis and programmatic access to its data. Please click here to see details.
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