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SRX002761: Korean cancer research specialist Kim Seong-jin
22 ILLUMINA (Illumina Genome Analyzer) runs: 252M spots, 37.8G bases, 26.1Gb downloads

Accession: SRX002761
Experiment design: standard Illumina paired-end library construction protocol. genomics DNA was randomly fragmented using bioruptor and an approximately 200bp. fraction was obtained by gel electophoresis.
Submitted by: KRIBB
Study summary: SRP000607 • Genome of cancer research specialist Kim Seong-jin • PRJNA33783 • All experiments  • Run Selector (more...)(less...)
Abstract: The study of the Korean genome sequence map is a mandatory step toward building a standard Korean genome. Using cancer research specialist Kim Seong-jin's personal genome, researchers have completed a full genome sequence map. It is the world's fourth identified personal genome sequence map. Since it is a personal genome sequence map, the next step is to build a standard genome for Koreans. The standard Korean genome will be able to help experts conduct personalized medical treatments based on the analyses of the individual genome
Center Project: Homo sapiens
Sample: SAMN00002003 • Generic sample from Homo sapiens (more...)(less...)
Organism: Homo sapiens
Library: SJ1203-300-2  (more...)(less...)
Strategy: WGS
Selection: RANDOM
Layout: PAIRED, Nominal length: 300
Platform: Illumina  (more...)(less...)
Instrument model: Illumina Genome Analyzer
Spot descriptor:
forward76  reverse

Total: 22 runs, 252M spots, 37.8G bases, 26.1Gb 
#Run# of Spots# of BasesSizePublished
1. SRR01601910,184,5761.5G1.1Gb2009-06-01
2. SRR01602011,127,9821.7G1.2Gb2009-06-01
3. SRR01602111,525,7261.7G1.3Gb2009-06-01
4. SRR01602211,365,9761.7G1.3Gb2009-06-01
5. SRR01602311,337,2541.7G1.3Gb2009-06-01
6. SRR01602410,995,2931.6G1.2Gb2009-06-01
7. SRR01602510,214,1981.5G1.1Gb2009-06-01
8. SRR01602710,038,2621.5G1,020.4Mb2009-06-01
9. SRR01602810,276,1151.5G1Gb2009-06-01
10. SRR01602910,644,3951.6G1.1Gb2009-06-01
11. SRR01603010,725,8891.6G1.1Gb2009-06-01
12. SRR01603110,895,9701.6G1.1Gb2009-06-01
13. SRR01603210,786,7811.6G1.1Gb2009-06-01
14. SRR01603311,018,6541.7G1.1Gb2009-06-01
15. SRR01603410,560,7231.6G1Gb2009-06-01
16. SRR01603513,320,5212G1.4Gb2009-06-01
17. SRR01603613,288,8462G1.3Gb2009-06-01
18. SRR01603713,283,6802G1.3Gb2009-06-01
19. SRR01603812,863,3881.9G1.3Gb2009-06-01
20. SRR01603913,127,1862G1.3Gb2009-06-01
21. SRR01604011,454,5401.7G1.2Gb2009-06-01
22. SRR01661312,964,2931.9G1.3Gb2009-06-01


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