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SRX154590: DS2_3_Control
16 ILLUMINA (Illumina Genome Analyzer II) runs: 24.8M spots, 2G bases, 1.3Gb downloads

Accession: SRX154590
Experiment design: n/a
Submitted by: USDA
Study summary: SRP013743 • Transcriptional Profiling of Global Gene Expression of Alternatively Activated Macrophages by Retinoic Acid  • PRJNA80971 • All experiments  • Run Selector (more...)(less...)
Abstract: Alveolar macrophages are the first line of defense for airborne pathogens and contribute to lung pathology during disease states. Retinoic acids (vitamin A metabolites) have been long implicated in immune responses and infection susceptibility. The full scale of ATRA’s impact on alternatively activated macrophages polarization and other potential mechanisms remains unknown. To address this, we study ATRA-induced gene expression in porcine Mfs by Illumina next generation sequencing technology.
Center Project: Sus scrofa
Library: DS2_3_Control  (more...)(less...)
Strategy: RNA-Seq
Selection: cDNA
Layout: SINGLE
Platform: Illumina  (more...)(less...)
Instrument model: Illumina Genome Analyzer II
Spot descriptor:

Total: 16 runs, 24.8M spots, 2G bases, 1.3Gb 
#Run# of Spots# of BasesSize
1. SRR513279906,18472.5M45.3Mb
2. SRR5132801,395,221111.6M73.5Mb
3. SRR5132811,395,221111.6M73.5Mb
4. SRR5132821,549,193123.9M81Mb
5. SRR5132831,665,645133.3M86.9Mb
6. SRR5132841,626,872130.1M84.2Mb
7. SRR5132851,789,408143.2M88.7Mb
8. SRR5132861,968,044157.4M101.3Mb
9. SRR5132871,934,619154.8M99.8Mb
10. SRR5132881,574,110125.9M77.6Mb
11. SRR5132891,754,292140.3M91.4Mb
12. SRR5132901,666,556133.3M86.9Mb
13. SRR5132911,639,443131.2M85.8Mb
14. SRR5132921,548,191123.9M81.2Mb
15. SRR5132931,467,569117.4M77.4Mb
16. SRR513294911,67172.9M48.4Mb


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