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Treats headache, minor pain, body aches, and drowsiness or tiredness.

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Drug Class Review: Newer Antihistamines: Final Report Update 2 [Internet]

Antihistamines inhibit the effects of histamine at H1 receptors. They have a number of clinical indications including allergic conditions (e.g., rhinitis, dermatoses, atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, allergic conjunctivitis, hypersensitivity reactions to drugs, mild transfusion reactions, and urticaria), chronic idiopathic urticaria (CIU), motion sickness, vertigo, and insomnia.

May 2010


Thrombocytopenia is a condition in which your blood has a lower than normal number of blood cell fragments called platelets.

Diseases and Conditions - Updated: June 11, 2014

Smoking and Your Heart

Cigarette smoking causes about 1 in every 5 deaths in the United States each year. It is the main preventable cause of death and illness in the United States.

Healthy Living - Updated: June 11, 2014

Coronary Angioplasty

Coronary angioplasty is a procedure used to open blocked or narrowed coronary (heart) arteries.

Tests and Treatments - Updated: June 11, 2014

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