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Neo‐adjuvant and adjuvant hormone therapy for localised and locally advanced prostate cancer

The management of early prostate cancer is one of the most controversial areas in the field of cancer medicine with surgery, radiotherapy, primary hormonal therapy (achieved either by medication or by the surgical removal of the testes ‐ orchidectomy) and watchful waiting, all being acceptable forms of initial treatment. Treatment decision making is often based on patient and provider preferences taking into account the risks and benefits of therapies and disease progression. Since prostate cancer is driven, in part by male sex hormones, the use of hormonal treatment to reduce the level of circulating male hormones is a potentially very useful method of treating all stages of this disease. Recently, research on the use of such hormonal therapy in combination with both surgery and radiotherapy has increased. This systematic review combines the results of all the important trials looking at the role of hormones in combination with surgery and radiotherapy for localised and locally advanced prostate cancer.

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Version: 2009

Fact sheet: Understanding thyroid gland tests

The thyroid gland is a vitally important hormonal gland, which mainly works for body’s metabolism. It is located in the front part of the neck below the voice box and is butterfly-shaped. The functions of the thyroid gland include the production of the thyroid hormones triiodothyronine (T3) and tetraiodothyronine, also called thyroxine (T4).

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Version: July 6, 2011

Cancer: What do the codes in the doctor’s letter mean?

There is an international system for the classification of cancerous tumors. This helps to describe cancers and compare the results of medical tests and examinations. Doctors and researchers all use what is known as TNM classification.

Informed Health Online [Internet] - Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG).

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  • T3 test
    Triiodothyronine (T3) is a thyroid hormone. It plays an important role in the body's control of metabolism.
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