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Diet and body weight: What is the effect of soft drinks and other beverages sweetened with sugar?

Drinking a small bottle of sugar-sweetened soft drink  every day for weeks at a time, can cause body weight to rise an average of a quarter of a kilogram (about half a pound). If overweight people are regularly drinking large amounts of sugar-sweetened beverages, reducing the amount they drink could contribute to losing weight.

Informed Health Online [Internet] - Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG).

Version: March 19, 2012

Medical Encyclopedia

  • Sweeteners - sugar substitutes
    Artificial sweeteners are substances that are used in place of sweeteners with sugar or sugar alcohols. They may also be called sugar substitutes, nonnutritive sweeteners (NNS), and noncaloric sweeteners.
  • Food additives
    Food additives are substances that become part of a food product when they are added during the processing or making of that food.
  • Hyperactivity and sugar
    Hyperactivity means an increase in movement, impulsive actions, being easily distracted, and shorter attention span. Some people believe that children are more likely to be hyperactive if they eat sugar, artificial sweeteners, or certain food colorings. Other experts disagree with this.
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