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Pseudogout (Chondrocalcinosis)

A condition often mistaken for gout that results from the deposit of calcium phosphate crystals (not uric acid crystals as in gout) in the joints and other tissues.

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(Source: NIH - National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases)

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Evidence reviews

Evaluation of acute knee pain in primary care

This review set out to determine the role of radiological procedures in evaluating the causes of acute knee pain. Only a single radiological technique, magnetic resonance imaging, was evaluated. The conclusions drawn by the authors were recommendations for practice, based on a limited number of studies of unclear quality. The results of this review must therefore be treated with caution.

Stimulating active coping in patients with rheumatic diseases: a systematic review of controlled group intervention studies

The review assessed the effects of coping interventions for people with rheumatic diseases. The authors concluded that limited positive effects on quality of life were found with group interventions teaching self-management skills or skills in dealing with pain and stress; further research was recommended. This was a well-conducted systematic review and the authors' conclusions are likely to be reliable.

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