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Varenicline (By mouth)

Helps you quit smoking. It is used together with a support program that includes counseling and educational materials.

What works?

Learn more about the effects of these drugs. The most reliable research is summed up for you in our featured article.

Varenicline is used together with a support program to help you stop smoking. The program will include counseling and educational materials. This medicine is available only with your doctor's prescription… Read more
Brand names include
Chantix, Chantix Start Month Pak, Chantix Starter Pack, Chantix Starting Month Box, Chantix Starting Month Pak
Drug classes About this
Smoking Cessation Agent

What works? Research summarized

Evidence reviews

Varenicline: a novel nicotinic receptor partial agonist for smoking cessation

Bibliographic details: Kerr J L, Timpe E M, Karpinski J P.  Varenicline: a novel nicotinic receptor partial agonist for smoking cessation. Journal of Pharmacy Technology 2007; 23(1): 23-29

Long-term efficacy and safety of varenicline for smoking cessation: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

The authors concluded that compared with placebo, varenicline was associated with a favourable effect on smoking cessation at 52 weeks but adverse psychiatric events required further study. This appeared to be a well-conducted review and the authors' conclusions and recommendations seem reliable.

Neuropsychiatry adverse events of varenicline: a systematic review of published reports

INTRODUCTION: Over the past years, the impact of varenicline in patients with mental illness has been debated as serious neuropsychiatric adverse events (AEs) have been reported with varenicline use.

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Summaries for consumers

Quitting smoking: Can varenicline help and are there any serious safety concerns?

Using varenicline together with other kinds of support can help about 1 extra person in 8 stop smoking. But this drug could also cause some serious problems. 

Can nicotine receptor partial agonists, including cytisine, dianicline and varenicline, help people to stop smoking?

When people stop smoking they experience cravings to smoke and unpleasant mood changes. Nicotine receptor partial agonists aim to reduce withdrawal symptoms and smoking satisfaction. Two recent trials of cytisine (937 people) confirm that it can be an effective and affordable treatment for smoking cessation. Quit rates were low, however, at around 9% in the treatment groups. The rate might be boosted in future studies by longer treatment and more intensive or extended counselling.

At a glance: Quitting smoking

Many people who smoke decide to quit at some point. Yet it is often difficult to act on this decision. About half of those who try to quit do succeed without extra help. But it usually takes several attempts until they are able to actually kick the habit. Here you will find an overview of different things that can help you to quit smoking.

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