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Trientine (By mouth)

Treats Wilson's disease (high levels of copper in the body) in people who cannot take penicillamine (Cuprimine®, Depen®).

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Trientine is used to treat Wilson's disease, a disease in which there is too much copper in the body. This medicine combines with excess copper in the body and may prevent your body from absorbing the copper in the foods you eat. Removing copper from the body prevents damage to the liver, brain, and other organs. The combination of copper and trientine is then easily removed by the kidneys and it… Read more
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Heavy Metal Chelator

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Systematic review: clinical efficacy of chelator agents and zinc in the initial treatment of Wilson disease

This review of chelator agents and zinc for initial treatment of Wilson disease concluded that there was a lack of high-quality evidence for the comparative efficacy of different drugs. Based on the low quality of the evidence this conclusion is reliable, but more information on the review methods is needed to confirm the reliability of the review.

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