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Cabazitaxel (Injection)

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Cabazitaxel injection is given together with a steroid medicine (eg, prednisone) to treat men with metastatic (cancer that has already spread) prostate cancer. It is used in patients who have already been treated with other medicines that did not work well. Cabazitaxel belongs to the group of medicines called antineoplastics (cancer medicines). It interferes with the growth of cancer cells, which… Read more
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Antineoplastic Agent

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Evidence reviews

Systemic therapy in men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer: a systematic review

AIMS: Since 2004, docetaxel-based chemotherapy has been the standard of care for men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC), but recently randomised controlled trials (RCTs) of novel agents have shown promise in extending overall survival. These trials have evaluated agents delivered before chemotherapy, to replace or supplement docetaxel, or addressed treatment options for men who have progressed on docetaxel therapy. This review was undertaken to determine which systemic therapies improve cancer- or patient-related outcomes in men with mCRPC.

Prostate Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment

The original Prostate Cancer: Diagnosis and Treatment Guideline published in 2008 was the first clinical guideline produced by the National Collaborating Centre for Cancer (NCC-C); accordingly this is now the first NCC-C clinical guideline to be reviewed and updated. Many areas of the original guideline are unchanged as there is little or no new evidence; other aspects have been completely rewritten. As ever there are still many topics where the research evidence is incomplete or conflicting, and so the Guideline Development Group (GDG) have been required to reach a consensus using the evidence available to them in several areas. In places where it was clear that further work needed to be done, new research recommendations have been made which we hope will be used as the basis for future research work.

Summaries for consumers

Prostate cancer: What are the advantages or disadvantages of cabazitaxel (Jevtana)?

Cabazitaxel (trade name Jevtana) was approved in Germany in March 2011 for the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer in men if conventional hormone-blocking treatment is no longer effective and they have already been treated with the drug docetaxel. 

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