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Decision aid

Last Update: October 29, 2013; Next update: 2016.

Decision aids or guides are designed to help people who are facing difficult decisions that will affect their health or their lifestyle.

It helps you to better explore your individual needs, to plan the next steps, to document successes, and to share your views with others who are involved in the decision.

The decision guide takes you through four main steps:

  1. What decision are you facing?
  2. What are your options? Who can support you?
  3. Do you have everything you need to make a decision?
  4. What next steps might you need to take to feel more confident about making a decision?

The decision guide cannot replace professional consultation. It can help you prepare before discussing the different options with medical professionals or friends and family.

You will find the decision aid in the form of an interactive PDF here. It can be filled in and saved on your computer.


  • O‘Connor, Stacey, Jacobsen 2012. Ottawa Personal Decision Guide. Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and University of Ottawa, Canada. [Deutsche Übersetzung und Adaption: IQWiG 2013]
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