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Use of Solvent / Detergent-Treated Human Plasma (Octaplas): Pilot Project [Internet]. Ottawa (ON): Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health; 2011 May.


CADTH Panel of Experts

The CADTH Panel of Experts is an expert advisory body to CADTH, comprising eight Core Members from current CADTH expert advisory committees and six Specialist Experts appointed to provide their expertise in recommending the optimal use of S/D plasma. Two of the Core Members are Public Members who bring a lay perspective to the committee. The remaining six Core Members hold qualifications as physicians, pharmacists, or health economists, or have other relevant qualifications, with expertise in one or more areas such as, but not limited to, family practice, internal medicine, institutional or community clinical pharmacy, pharmacoeconomics, clinical epidemiology, drug utilization expertise, methodology, affecting behaviour change (through health professional and/or patient and/or policy interventions), and critical appraisal. Five of the Specialist Members have expertise in hematology and/or transfusion medicine, and one Specialist Member has expertise in medical ethics.

The Panel of Experts developed the optimal use recommendation with the aim of contributing to optimal health outcomes and fostering a sustainable health care system for Canadians. The Panel of Experts considered the practical needs of policy-makers, health care providers, and consumers in implementing and using the recommendation toward the promotion of optimal practices. The overall perspective used by the Panel of Experts in producing the recommendation was that of public health care policy-makers in pursuit of optimizing the health of Canadians within available health care system resources.

Participating Panel Members

  • Dr. Lisa Dolovich, Chair
    Research Director and Associate Professor
    Department of Family Medicine
    McMaster University
    Ambulatory Care Pharmacotherapy Specialist
    St. Joseph’s Healthcare
    Associate Director
    Centre for Evaluation of Medicines


  • Dr. Michael Allen
    Associate Professor
    Director, Evidence-based Programs
    Continuing Medical Education,
    Dalhousie University
  • Mr. Panos Petrides
    Public Member
  • Dr. Michael Evans
    Director, Health Design Lab, Li Ka
    Shing Knowledge Institute
    Staff Physician, St. Michael’s Hospital
    Associate Professor, Departments of
    Family Medicine and Public Health
    University of Toronto
    Chair, Patient Education Committee,
    College of Family Physicians of Canada
  • Dr. Scott Klarenbach
    Associate Professor, Department of
    Medicine, Division of Nephrology
    University of Alberta
    Fellow, Institute of Health Economics
  • Ms. Cathy MacNutt
    Public Member
  • Dr. Jim Silvius
    Senior Medical Director, Seniors' Health
    Alberta Health Services
    Associate Professor
    Department of Medicine
    Division of Geriatric Medicine
    University of Calgary
  • Dr. Adil Virani
    Director, Pharmacy Services
    Fraser Health Authority
    Associate Professor
    Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
    University of British Columbia

Specialist Members

  • Dr. Gilles Delage
    Medical Affairs
  • Dr. Antonio Giulivi
    Associate Professor
    Department of Pathology and
    Laboratory Medicine
    University of Ottawa
    Division Head
    Hematology and Transfusion Medicine
    The Ottawa Hospital
  • Dr. Glenn Griener
    Associate Professor
    Department of Philosophy
    University of Alberta
    Fellow, Institute for Public Economics
  • Dr. Bruce Ritchie
    Associate Professor
    Department of Medicine
    University of Alberta
  • Dr. Kristine Roland
    Clinical Assistant Professor
    Department of Pathology and Laboratory
    University of British Columbia
    Staff Hematopathologist
    Vancouver Coastal Health
  • Dr. Lucinda Whitman
    Associate Professor of Medicine & Laboratory
    Memorial University
    Divisional Chief, Laboratory Medicine
    Eastern Health
    National Advisory Committee on Blood and
    Blood Products

Observers (Non-Voting)

  • Ms. Marilyn Collins, ART
    Program Manager
    Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial
    Blood Coordinating Program
  • Mr. Rick Trifunov
    Plasma Products and Services
    Canadian Blood Services
  • Ms. Cheryl Doncaster
    Policy Analyst / Coordinator
    National Advisory Committee on Blood and
    Blood Products
    Department of Health and Community Services
    Newfoundland and Labrador

Contributors from CADTH

  • Denis Bélanger, BScPhm, ACPR
    Director, Impact, Partnerships and
  • Andrea Bérubé
    Knowledge Exchange Officer
  • Michel Boucher, B.Pharm, MSc, RPh
    Theme Lead,
    Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular
  • Monika Mierzwinski-Urban, BA, MLIS
    Information Specialist
  • Sandy Pagotto
    Director, Environmental Scanning and Program

Conflict of Interest

No members declared any conflicts of interest. Conflict of Interest Guidelines are posted on the CADTH website.

Copyright © 2011 CADTH.

This report may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes only and provided appropriate credit is given to CADTH.

Cover of Use of Solvent / Detergent-Treated Human Plasma (Octaplas)
Use of Solvent / Detergent-Treated Human Plasma (Octaplas): Pilot Project [Internet].

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