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Use of Solvent / Detergent-Treated Human Plasma (Octaplas): Pilot Project [Internet]

Use of Solvent / Detergent-Treated Human Plasma (Octaplas): Pilot Project [Internet]

CADTH Optimal Use Report - Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health

Version: May 2011


As previously stated, QALYs represent a utilitarian methodology for calculating the potential outcomes of a given decision. From the QALY perspective, the action that produces the most QALYs at the lowest cost is likely the most appropriate and cost-effective use of resources. In practice, the notion that one can and should calculate QALYs is extremely similar to the “felicific calculus” that was originally proposed by the father of utilitarianism, Jeremy Bentham a Theoretically, the felcific calculus would calculate the pleasures and pains resulting from a decision. (1746-1832). Like any utilitarian analysis of consequences or outcomes, the use of QALYs presents several ethical challenges that will subsequently be discussed in this ethical assessment.

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