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Table 6Hazard Rates on Progression Rates Within RRMS Health States

EDSSBase Estimate
(Per Person-
VarianceProbability Distribution
00.1440.00007Beta (253.43, 1506.49)
10.0750.00003Beta (173.36, 2138.14)
20.1520.00006Beta (326.38, 1820.88)
30.2720.00025Beta (215.17, 575.89)
40.4500.00166Beta (66.64, 81.45)
50.4850.00213Beta (56.39, 59.88)
60.2830.00104Beta (54.93, 139.17)
70.3420.00450Beta (16.76, 32.25)
80.1050.00139Beta (6.99, 59.61)
90.1670.02778Beta (8.2,40.88)

EDSS = Expanded Disability Status Scale; RRMS = relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.

Source: ScHARR67

From: 3, METHODS

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