Table A-5Embase search terms for KQ 2: Management of PAH

Set #Terms
#1pulmonary hypertension’/exp OR “idiopathic pulmonary hypertension”:ab,ti OR “pulmonary arterial hypertension”:ab,ti OR “pulmonary artery hypertension”:ab,ti OR “pulmonary hypertension”:ab,ti OR pah:ab,ti OR ipah:ab,ti OR pph:ab,ti
#2‘echocardiography’/exp OR echocardiography:ab,ti OR echocardiogram:ab,ti OR echo:ab,ti OR TEE:ab,ti OR TEE:ab,ti
#3treatment outcome’/exp OR ‘clinical decision making’/exp OR ‘decision making’/exp OR ‘patient care’/de OR (clinical:ab,ti AND decision:ab,ti) OR (clinical:ab,ti AND decisions:ab,ti) OR (decision:ab,ti AND making:ab,ti) OR management:ab,ti OR “treatment outcome”:ab,ti OR outcome:ab,ti OR outcomes:ab,ti OR treatment:ab,ti OR therapy:ab,ti OR ‘controlled clinical trial’/exp OR ‘clinical trial’/exp OR ‘evidence based medicine’/exp
#4#3 NOT (‘editorial’/exp OR ‘letter’/exp OR ‘case report’/exp)
#5#1 AND #2 AND #4
#6#5 AND [embase]/lim NOT [medline]/lim AND [humans]/lim AND [1995–2012]/py
#7‘natriuretic factor’/exp OR ‘uric acid’/exp OR ‘troponin’/exp OR ‘nitric oxide’/exp OR ‘6 n,n’ dimethylarginine’/exp OR ‘serotonin’/exp OR ‘von Willebrand factor’/exp OR ‘C reactive protein’/exp OR ‘isoprostane derivative’/exp OR ‘interleukin derivative’/exp OR ‘endothelin 1’/exp OR ‘cyclic GMP’/exp OR ‘thrombomodulin’/exp OR ‘selectin’/exp OR ‘biological marker’/exp OR “Natriuretic Peptides”:ab,ti OR “Natriuretic Peptide”:ab,ti OR “Uric Acid”:ab,ti OR Troponin:ab,ti OR “Nitric Oxide”:ab,ti OR dimethylarginine:ab,ti OR d-dimer:ab,ti OR Serotonin:ab,ti OR “Willebrand Factor”:ab,ti OR Thrombomodulin:ab,ti OR Selectins:ab,ti OR Selectin:ab,ti OR “C-Reactive Protein”:ab,ti OR Isoprostanes:ab,ti OR Isoprostane:ab,ti OR Interleukins:ab,ti OR Interleukin:ab,ti OR Endothelin-1:ab,ti OR “Cyclic GMP”:ab,ti OR cgmp:ab,ti OR “soluble ligand”:ab,ti OR “biological marker”:ab,ti OR “biological markers”:ab,ti OR biomarker:ab,ti OR biomarkers:ab,ti OR “endothelial dysfunction”:ab,ti OR fibrin fragment:de
#8#1 AND #7 AND #4
#9#8 AND [embase]/lim NOT [medline]/lim AND [humans]/lim AND [1995–2012]/py
#10#1 AND #2 AND #7 AND [english]/lim AND [1995–2012]/py AND [embase]/lim NOT [medline]/lim AND [humans]/lim

From: Appendix A, Exact Search Strings

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