Table 51Characteristics of trials reporting tumor response or duration-related outcomes

Study CharacteristicBlohmer 201186Debus 200694Engert 201096Goss 2005100Gupta 2009103Henke 200334Hoskin 200981
Control N1291906485360171149
ESA N1281956555360180151
Malignancycervical (high risk)NSCLC, stage IIIA/B, primarily inoperableadvanced HDlimited disease SCLCcervical cancer (stage IIB–IIIB)advanced (stage III, IV) head and neckhead and neck, stage I–IV
TreatmentPt chemo + radio Txcisplatinum w/sequential chemoradiotherapychemotherapy, without platinumPt chemo + radio TxPt chemo + radio Txradiotherapyradiotherapy
Duration27 wksNRNR16–24 wksNRNR40 days
OutcomeRFSTRTR, FFTF, PFStumor control, PFSDFSPFS, tumor progressionlocal DFS, tumor response
Assessed1, 2, and 5 yrsNR (planned 2 years)NRNR2 years (survival)≈2 years12 weeks
ESA dose3 × 10,000 IU/wk40,000 IU/wk40,000 IU/wk40,000 IU/wk3 × 10,000 IU/wk3 × 300 IU/kg/wkif Hb <12.5 then 3 × 10,000 IU (25% of patients) if Hb >12.5 then 3 × 4,000 IU (75% of patients) sc
ESA duration (weeks)271222–2412–2477 to 912
Baseline Hb (control/ESA)11.8/12.0 g/dLNR12.3/12.2 g/dL13.5/13.5 g/dL10.7/10.4 g/dL11.8/11.7 g/dL13.7/13.4 g/dL
Hb target12.5–13.5 g/dL13–14 g/dL14 g/dL16 g/dLNR14 g/dL, women
15 g/dL, men
15 g/dL
Re-start if Hb less thanNR12 g/dLNR<14 g/dLNR14 g/dL, women
15 g/dL, men
14.5 g/dL
Control N711673251095520262
ESA N771603331075818260
Malignancyhead and neck nonmetastatic, not resectednon-small cell lung cancerbreast cancerbreast cancercervix carcinomaneuroblastomahead and neck cancer
TreatmentradiotherapyChemotherapy platinum basedchemotherapy, without platinumchemotherapyradiochemotherapychemotherapyradiotherapy
DurationNR28 wksNR28 wks8111 daysNR
Outcomelocoregional failure rate, locoregional PFS, CRtumor responseDFS, local relapsetumor responsePFS, local tumor controlPFS, tumor responselocoregional control, DFS
Assessed2 and 3 years28 wks5 years28 wks3 years5 years5 years
ESA dose1× 40,000 IU/wk3 × 10,000 IU/wk sc3 × 150 IU/kg/wkif body weight > 45 kg 3 × 10,000 IU/wk sc (5000 IU if <45kg)1 × 40,000 IU/wk7 × 200 IU/kg150 mcg QW
ESA duration (weeks)8 to 928≈18286–912–168–10
Baseline Hb (control/ESA)12.1/12.0 g/dL12.8/12.6 g/dL12.8/12.4 g/dL10.8/10.610.9/10.6 g/dL9.4/8.8 g/dL≈13/≈13 g/dL
Hb target14 g/dLwomen
16 g/dLmen
14 g/dL women
15 g/dL men
14 g/dL12.5–14 g/dL14 g/dL13 g/dL15.5 g/dL
Re-start if Hb less than12.5g/dLwomen
13.5 g/dLmen
13 g/dL women
13.5 g/dL men
NRNR13 g/dL13g/dLNR

DFS = disease-free survival; FFTF = freedom from treatment failure; g/dL = grams per deciliter; Hb = hemoglobin; HD = heart disease; IU = international units; NR = not reported; NSCLC = non small cell lung cancer; PFS = progression-free survival; SCLC = small-cell lung cancer; TR = treatment response

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