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Table A-5Embase search strings for KQ 1

Set #Terms
#1‘schizophrenia’/exp OR ‘bipolar disorder’/exp OR ‘affective psychosis’/exp OR ‘depressive psychosis’/exp OR ‘manic depressive psychosis’/exp OR schizophrenia:ab,ti OR ‘bipolar disorder’:ab,ti OR ‘psychotic disorders’:ab,ti OR schizoaffective:ab,ti OR mania:ti OR manic:ti OR ‘bipolar affective disorder’:ab,ti OR ‘serious mental illness’:ab,ti OR ‘severe mental illness’:ab,ti OR ‘severe psychiatric illness’:ab,ti
#2‘obesity’/exp OR ‘body weight’/exp OR ‘body mass’/exp OR overweight:ab,ti OR obesity:ab,ti OR obese:ab,ti OR weight:ab,ti OR “body mass index”:ab,ti OR bmi:ab,ti
#3chlorpromazine’/exp OR chlorpromazine:ab,ti OR thorazine:ab,ti OR ‘fluphenazine’/exp OR fluphenazine:ab,ti OR ‘haloperidol’/exp OR haloperidol:ab,ti OR haldol:ab,ti OR ‘iloperidone’/exp OR iloperidone:ab,ti OR fanapt:ab,ti OR ‘loxapine’/exp OR loxapine:ab,ti OR loxitane:ab,ti OR ‘molindone’/exp OR molindone:ab,ti OR moban:ab,ti OR ‘chlorpromazine’/exp OR chlorpromazine:ab,ti OR thorazine:ab,ti OR ‘perphenazine’/exp OR perphenazine:ab,ti OR ‘pimozide’/exp OR pimozide:ab,ti OR orap:ab,ti OR ‘thioridazine’/exp OR thioridazine:ab,ti OR ‘tiotixene’/exp OR thiothixene:ab,ti OR navane:ab,ti OR ‘trifluoperazine’/exp OR trifluoperazine:ab,ti OR stelazine:ab,ti OR ‘clozapine’/exp OR clozapine:ab,ti OR clozaril:ab,ti OR ‘risperidone’/exp OR risperidone:ab,ti OR risperidal:ab,ti OR ‘olanzapine’/exp OR olanzapine:ab,ti OR zyprexa:ab,ti OR ‘quetiapine’/exp OR quetiapine:ab,ti OR seroquel:ab,ti OR ‘ziprasidone’/exp OR ziprasidone:ab,ti OR geodon:ab,ti OR ‘aripiprazole’/exp OR aripiprazole:ab,ti OR abilify:ab,ti OR “9-hydroxy-risperidone”:ab,ti OR paliperidone:ab,ti OR invega:ab,ti OR ‘neuroleptic agent’/exp OR antipsychotic:ab,ti OR antipsychotics:ab,ti
#4#1 AND (#2 OR #3)
#5‘tetrahydrolipstatin’/exp OR orlistat:ab,ti OR ‘topiramate’/exp OR topiramate:ab,ti OR ‘metformin’/exp OR metformin:ab,ti OR ‘amantadine’/exp OR amantadine:ab,ti OR ‘anorexigenic agent’/exp OR ‘antiobesity agent’/exp
#6‘diet therapy’/exp OR ‘exercise’/exp OR ‘kinesiotherapy’/exp OR ‘low calory diet’/exp OR exercise:ab,ti OR “physical activity”:ab,ti OR diet:ab,ti OR diets:ab,ti OR ‘weight reduction’/exp OR “weight management”:ab,ti OR ‘behavior therapy’/exp OR ‘cognitive therapy’/exp OR ‘health education’ OR counsel*:ab,ti OR ‘counseling’/exp OR ‘disease management’/exp OR ‘lifestyle modification’/exp OR “lifestyle modification”:ab,ti OR ‘patient compliance’/exp OR “cognitive behavioral therapy”:ab,ti OR adher*:ab,ti OR “self-monitoring”:ab,ti OR ‘recurrent disease’/exp/dm_pc OR “relapse prevention”:ab,ti OR “skills training”:ab,ti OR “motivational interviewing”:ab,ti OR educat*:ab,ti
#7‘social support’/exp OR family:ab,ti OR peer:ab,ti
#8‘drug substitution’/exp OR substitut*:ab,ti switch:ab,ti OR switched:ab,ti OR switching:ab,ti OR change:ab,ti OR changed:ab,ti OR changing:ab,ti OR replace:ab,ti OR replaced:ab,ti OR replacing:ab,ti OR replacement:ab,ti OR abandon*:ab,ti
#9#5 OR #6 OR #7 OR #8
#10‘controlled clinical trial’/exp OR randomized:ab,ti OR randomised:ab,ti OR randomization:ab,ti OR randomisation:ab,ti OR placebo:ab,ti OR randomly:ab,ti OR trial:ab,ti OR groups:ab,ti NOT (‘case report’/exp OR ‘case study’/exp OR ‘editorial’/exp OR ‘letter’/exp OR ‘note’/exp)
#11#4 AND #9 AND #10
#12#11 AND [embase]/lim NOT [medline]/lim, Limits: English, Human

From: Appendix A, Exact Search Strings

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