Table 95Summary of studies included in the clinical evidence review

StudyUnderlying pathologyAge range (yrs)Follow up range (months)Prosthesis type (if stated)
Aaronson 1986160 (n=10)Myelodysplasia6–1612–14AS800
Aprikian 1992161 (n=27)Myelomeningocele or sacral agenesis9–196–31AS800
Barrett 1982162 (n=24)Myelodysplasia7–56Up to 40
Belloli 1992163 (n=37)Not stated13–19unclear, but possibly 12–108AS792, AS800
Bersch 2009164 (n=51)SCI, myelomeningocele, spinal stenosis, spinal infarctionMean (sd): 38.7 (14)60–174
Bitsch 1990165 (n20)Myelodysplasia15–4712–156
Brantley Scott 1973166 (n=3)Spina bifida16–26unclear
Brantley Scott 1986167 (n=120)Myelomeningocele, SCI, congenital sacral dysgenesis3–683–130AS791, AS792, AS800
Chartier-Kastler 2010168Myelomeningocele, SCI18–586–208AS800
De Badiola 1992169 (n=23)Myelomeningocele, SC tumours or sacral agenesis12–160AS791, AS800
Gonzalez 1995170 (n=19)Myelodysplasia4–17Mean 96AS791, AS792, AS800
Gonzalez 1982171 (n=15)Myelomeningocele, SC tumours, sacral agenesis5–17Up to 88AS791, AS792
Gonzalez 1979172 (n=12)Myelomeningocele, SC tumours, sacral agenesis7–45Mean 25AS721
Jakobsen 1986173 (n=33)Myelodysplasia, neural tumours, SCI.9–75Up to 96AS721, AS 761, AS742, AS791, AS792, AS800
Light 1983174 (n=50)SCI8–693–60
Lopez Pereira 2005175 (n=17)Myelomeningocele12–2118–117
Lopez Pereira 2006176 (n=35)Myelomeningocele, sacral agenesis, spinal cord lipoma, sacral teratoma11.5–185–132
Murphy 2003177 (n=13)Spina bifida, SCI, severe pelvic traumaMean 72
Murray 1988178 (n=19)Spina bifida, sacral agenesis.5–427–39AS792, AS800
O’Flynn 1991179 (n=44)Meningocele, lipoma of cauda equine, sacral agenesis11–43Not statedAS792, AS800
Patki 2006180 (n=9)SCI27–473–133AS800
Sidi 1987159 (n=27)Not stated5–4412–144AS800
Simeoni 1996181 (n=107)Meningocele, sacral agenesis, medullary lipoma.8–18Mean 60AS800
Singh 1996126 (n=90)Mostly meningocele13–6212–120AS792, AS800
Spiess182 2002 (n=30)Spina Bifida9–1936–177AS800

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