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Table 17Percent change in blood loss from baseline in studies of TXA

Author, YearComparatorTXA GroupComparator GroupTXA vs. Comparator Group
Lukes et al., 201078Placebo-40.4-8.2p<0.001
Freeman et al., 201181Placebo-38.6 (high dose)
-26.1 (low dose)
Preston et al., 199580Norethisterone-45.0+20.0p<0.0001
Bonnar and Shepard, 199666Mefenamic acid-54.0-20.0p<0.05
Bonnar and Shepard, 199666Ethamsylate-54.0Increasedp<0.0001
Andersch et al., 198871Flurbiprofen-53.0-24.0p<0.01

MPA = medroxyprogesterone; NS = nonsignificant; NR = not reported

From: Results

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