HAUKKA2009Suicide mortality (a)Person years using antidepressant (b)FTI ([a] divided by [b])FTI * 1,000,000 (per 1,000,000)
SSRI – sertraline1014,6240.000684683.81
SSRI – citalopram5368,0410.000779778.94
SSRI – paroxetine1312,8390.0010131012.54
SSRI – fluoxetine2827,5020.0010181018.11
TCA – amitriptyline65,2230.0011491148.77
SSRI – fluovoxamine53,1760.0015741574.31
Tetracyclic antidepressant – mianserin31,8700.0016041604.28
MAOI – moclobemide42,4690.001621620.09
SNRI – venlafaxine63,5920.001671670.38
NaSSA – mirtazapine3614,2700.0025232522.78
HAWTON2010Death rate per 100,000 (a)Prescription rate per 100,000 (b)FTI ([a] divided by [b])FTI * 1,000,000 (per 1,000,000)
SSRI – fluovoxamine04700
SSRI – paroxetine0.003162224.98232E-070.50
SSRI – fluoxetine0.005295365.45302E-070.55
SSRI – sertraline0.002536826.78979E-070.68
SSRI – citalopram0.015489501.72067E-061.72
NaSSA – mirtazapine0.005515293.59712E-063.6
SNRI – venlafaxine0.025548145.29705E-065.30
TCA – nortriptyline0.00151559.67742E-069.68
TCA – amitriptyline0.1211106061.14181E-0511.42
TCA – imipramine0.00776171.24797E-0512.48
TCA –clomipramine0.0128491.41343E-0514.13
TCA – trimipramine0.0042671.49813E-0514.98
TCA – doxepin0.00672402.79167E-0527.92
TCA – dosulepin0.180749843.6256E-0536.26
HAWTON2010Death rate per 100,000 (a)Self-poisoning rate per 100,000 (b)CFI ([a] divided by [b])CFI * 1,000,000 (per 1,000,000)
SSRI – fluovoxamine00.2600
SSRI – paroxetine0.003111.130.000279278.53
SSRI – fluoxetine0.005217.710.000294293.62
SSRI – sertraline0.00256.310.000396396.20
SSRI – citalopram0.015414.390.001071070.19
NaSSA –mirtazapine0.00552.980.0018461845.64
SNRI – venlafaxine0.025510.170.0025072507.38
TCA – amitriptyline0.121114.090.0085958594.75
TCA – nortriptyline0.00150.140.01071410714.29
TCA – clomipramine0.0120.960.012512500
TCA – imipramine0.00770.60.01283312833.33
TCA – trimipramine0.0040.280.01428614285.71
TCA – doxepin0.00670.30.02233322333.33
TCA – dosulepin0.18077.770.02325623256.11

Note. SSRI = selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor; TCA = tricyclic antidepressant; SNRI = serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor; NaSSA = noradrenergic and specific sertotonergic antidepressant.

From: Appendix 16, Clinical evidence forest plots

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