Table 6Number of included studies by intervention, comparator, and outcome for Key Question 2: interventions targeting children exposed to trauma already experiencing symptoms

InterventionComparatorTrauma Symptom OutcomesMental Health OutcomesPhysical Health OutcomesOther OutcomesNumberof Studies
Trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapyWait-list controlXX158
Cognitive processing therapyWait-list controlXX159
Narrative Exposure TherapyMeditation-relaxation therapyXXX160
Grief-and trauma-focused intervention-groupGrief- and trauma-focused intervention-individualXX161
Grief-and trauma-focused intervention with coping skills and trauma loss narrativeGrief- and trauma-focused intervention with coping skills onlyXXX162
Emotion Regulation TherapyRelational supportive therapyXX149
Eye movement desensitization and reprocessingWait-list controlXXXX163
Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in SchoolsWait-list controlXXX247,64
Trauma and grief component therapy (school groups)Usual careXX165
Mixed (CBT techniques, trauma-processing activities, cooperative play, and creative expressive elements) (school groups)Wait listXXX266,67
ImipramineChloral hydrate


X = evidence available on outcomes

From: Results

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