PsycINFO, CINAHL, IPA: 1 August 2012

S8S5 or S72653
S7S4 and S61748
S6DE “Drug Therapy”100284
S5S1 and S4918
S4S2 or S3171392
S3“Posttraumatic Stress Disorder” OR DE “Reactive Psychosis” OR DE “Stress Reactions” OR DE “Psychological Stress” OR DE “Acute Stress Disorder” OR DE “Emotional Trauma”47150
S2“Injuries” OR DE “Burns” OR DE “Electrical Injuries” OR DE “Head Injuries” OR DE “Spinal Cord Injuries” OR DE “Wounds”125794
S1DE “Psychotherapeutic Techniques” OR DE “Animal Assisted Therapy” OR DE “Autogenic Training” OR DE “Cotherapy” OR DE “Dream Analysis” OR DE “Ericksonian Psychotherapy” OR DE “Guided Imagery” OR DE “Mirroring” OR DE “Morita Therapy” OR DE “Motivational Interviewing” OR DE “Mutual Storytelling Technique” OR DE “Paradoxical Techniques” OR DE “Psychodrama”26508

From: Appendix A, Search Strategy

Cover of Child and Adolescent Exposure to Trauma
Child and Adolescent Exposure to Trauma: Comparative Effectiveness of Interventions Addressing Trauma Other Than Maltreatment or Family Violence [Internet].
Comparative Effectiveness Reviews, No. 107.
Forman-Hoffman V, Knauer S, McKeeman J, et al.

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