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1.(FRAX or FRAXTM or WHO fracture risk assessment tool).ti,ab. not fragile X.mp.
2.(osteoporosis self-assessment tool or (OST and osteoporo*)).ti,ab.
3.(osteoporosis risk assessment instrument or (ORAI and osteoporo*)).ti,ab.
4.simple calculated osteoporosis risk estimation.ti,ab.
5.(osteoporosis index of risk or (OSIRIS and osteoporo*)).ti,ab.
6.garvan fracture risk calculator.ti,ab.
7.(age body size no estrogen or ABONE).ti,ab.
8.(SOFSURF or DOEScore).ti,ab.
10.Osteoporotic fractures/
11.((fragility or osteoporo*) adj2 fracture*).ti,ab.
12.10 or 11
13.exp Osteoporosis/
14.Bone demineralization/or Metabolic bone disease/
17.Bone density/
18.(bone adj6 densit*).ti,ab.
20.Bone densitometry/
21.(bone or bones).mp.
22.exp Densitometry/or DXA.ti,ab.
23.21 and 22
24.17 or 18 or 19 or 20 or 23
25.exp fracture/
27.25 or 26
28.16 and 27
29.24 and 27
30.12 or 28 or 29
31.exp Statistical analysis/
32.Statistical model/
33.exp Survival/
35.exp Risk/
36.exp Algorithm/
37.Disease severity/or Prognosis/
38.exp Predictive value/or Scoring system/
39.Diagnostic value/
40.(risk or prognosis or prognostic or diagnosed or predictor or predictive value or accurac*).ti,ab.
41.body weight criterion.ti,ab.
42.(cohort or sensitiv*).mp.
43.((scor* or screen* or assess* or predict* or probability) adj3 (system* or tool* or method* or instrument*)).ti,ab.
45.9 or (30 and 44)

From: Appendix C, How this guideline was developed

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