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Prognosis of implants and fixed restorations after lateral sinus elevation: a literature review

Review published: 2012.

Bibliographic details: Tuna T, Yorgidis M, Strub JR.  Prognosis of implants and fixed restorations after lateral sinus elevation: a literature review. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 2012; 39(3): 226-238. [PubMed: 21972928]


Aim of this review was to investigate the prognosis of implants inserted in augmented sinuses and fixed restorations supported by these implants. Special attention was given to the impact of grafting material, time of implant placement, residual bone height and type of fixed restoration. An electronic search in PubMed, the German database medpilot and the Cochrane Library was executed followed by supplementary manual search in relevant journals. The search was limited to human studies published up to November 2010. Only publications in English and German, in peer-reviewed journals, were considered. After the initial search and application of selection criteria on titles and abstracts, a full-text analysis of 67 articles was performed, out of which six prospective and three retrospective studies were finally included in the review. The heterogeneous properties of the identified articles did not allow systematic analysis of the data. Success rates of implants were between 96·3% and 100%, survival rates were between 75% and 100%, and survival rates of single crowns, splinted crowns and fixed partial dentures ranged between 96·4% and 100% after a follow-up of 12-101 months. Within the limits of this review, the prognosis of implants and fixed restorations seemed not to be influenced by the type of restorations, graft material, residual bone height and time of implant placement. However, conclusions of this review are based on studies with low level of evidence; therefore, careful interpretation is required. Multicentre randomised controlled clinical trials with sufficient statistical power concentrating on few factors are needed to reach sound conclusions.

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