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Jonas DE, Garbutt JC, Brown JM, et al. Screening, Behavioral Counseling, and Referral in Primary Care To Reduce Alcohol Misuse [Internet]. Rockville (MD): Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US); 2012 Jul. (Comparative Effectiveness Reviews, No. 64.)

Appendix CEvidence Tables

Evidence Table 1. Characteristics of included randomized controlled trials (MS Word, 56K)

Evidence Table 2. Characteristics of samples from included randomized controlled trials (MS Word, 72K)

Evidence Table 3. Intervention and control components from randomized controlled trials (MS Word, 62K)

Evidence Table 4. Outcomes by study (MS Word, 107K)

Evidence Table 5. Data for KQ 2 from systematic reviews (MS Word, 54K)

Evidence Table 6. Data for KQ 1 through 7 from systematic review (MS Word, 48K)


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Cover of Screening, Behavioral Counseling, and Referral in Primary Care To Reduce Alcohol Misuse
Screening, Behavioral Counseling, and Referral in Primary Care To Reduce Alcohol Misuse [Internet].
Comparative Effectiveness Reviews, No. 64.
Jonas DE, Garbutt JC, Brown JM, et al.

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